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Article: Which minimalist necklace suits you?

Welke minimalistische necklace past bij jou?

Which minimalist necklace suits you?

You're always in the right place with a minimalist necklace . Minimalist jewelry is back and never out of style! Minimalist necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. Which minimalist necklace suits you? Discover it here and read all about it!

Minimal effort, maximum effect

A minimalist necklace is the perfect basic necklace and indispensable in every nack stack. Often a minimalist necklace is a short necklace that can go with everything. Minimalist jewelry is hot and a perfect way to underline your unique personality with minimal effort.

Worn alone, a necklace that is minimalist is a subtle eye-catcher. You can also combine minimalist necklaces with other necklaces. Then choose a mix of short necklaces and longer necklaces, so that your necklaces do not get in each other's way.

A short necklace that (suits you).

The nice thing about minimalist necklaces is that the possibilities are almost endless. By choosing a simple chain as a base, you can go in all directions. In the search for the perfect simple necklace, it is good to ask yourself which material you want to go for. Are you going for a minimalist necklace made of silver or do you prefer a minimalist necklace made of gold?

Whether you go for a short gold necklace or a short silver necklace; a short necklace is a perfect base for your neck stack, but also a fabulous asset in itself!

Pimp your chain

A minimalist necklace exudes personality. You underline this by going for a minimalist necklace with a pendant. Tell your own story and go for a minimalist necklace with a stone, a minimalist necklace with a letter or both. The minimalist necklace with heart also makes our jewelry heart beat faster. In our collection of necklaces you will also find all kinds of nice pendants with which you can give your minimalist necklace your own touch.

Which material for your basic necklace?

Minimalist necklaces are available in different materials. Which material you choose depends on your style and also a bit on what you want to spend. A minimalist gold necklace is of course more expensive than a minimalist silver necklace. Your preference plays a role in the choice of the material. Your necklace may be minimalistic, but it's nice if it also matches the rest of your jewelry.

Would you prefer a minimalist necklace made of gold, but your cash flow does not allow this right now?

Then a minimalist necklace that is gold plated is a good alternative.

Our minimalist necklaces

At Eline Rosina we design all our jewelry ourselves. Our necklaces are made with love and from the best materials. With us you can choose a minimalist necklace made of real silver, but you can also find a gold plated minimalist necklace in our webshop.

Our minimalist gold plated necklaces are made of real silver and provided with a layer of 14 carat gold. Our minimalist necklaces feature beautiful details such as small dots. The short chunky chain necklace is perfect if you opt for a minimalist necklace with a pendant. View our minimal collection for more inspiration and fun mix and match options!

In the simplicity lies the power

Minimalist jewelry is still very popular. Not surprising, a subtle piece of jewelry gives your outfit that extra touch, but is not too striking. A minimalist necklace is the perfect accessory and takes your everyday look to a whole new level. Discover it yourself and live life to the max with minimal jewelry!

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