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Article: How do I combine my stud earrings?

Studs Eline Rosina

How do I combine my stud earrings?

If you dive into the fabulous world of studs, a world is guaranteed to open up for you. Studs have been popular as ear jewelery for years, and rightly so, in our opinion. You really can't have too many beautiful studs. But what exactly are studs and how can you wear them? We tell you all about it. Are you reading along?

What are stud earrings?

Studs earrings or studs are ear studs with buttons. The stud earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Very popular are the minimalist studs and studs with stones. The great thing is that you can combine studs endlessly. If you have several holes, studs are great fun in combination with rings and dangles.

Earrings studs for handsome cups

Even if you only have one hole, you can go wild with studs. The times when you 'had to' wear the same studs on each side are long gone. It is of course still possible, but you can also choose to wear a different ear stud in each ear. Or just a stud on one side and a ring or single piece in the other ear. It's your ear party! Do you only have one hole and do you want that little bit more in addition to your nice stud earrings? Maybe an ear cuff is something for you: you don't need an extra hole for this.

Beautiful earrings studs everywhere

We can't get enough of all those beautiful studs. The choice of earrings is also huge, so prepare for a bit of healthy choice stress. That means that you can really go in any direction with stud earrings these days. So whether you want to shine with gold studs, silver studs, large studs or small studs, it's all possible! Colored studs are also completely on trend. It's nice to go for a color that matches everything, for example black earrings. Subtle studs are also definitely seen!

You can also choose to set a striking accent with your studs. Show your color with ruby ​​studs or green earring studs. In addition to the minimalist studs bar or studs with dots, we personally also love striking studs. Studs with chain, studs with stones or stud earrings in the shape of a lock or bee. The sky is the limit so why not also a lightning bolt or stud earrings with a star?

The most beautiful earrings

Just like with many things in life, you need to click with your perfect studs. What the most beautiful stud earrings are depends entirely on your taste and ear party. Whatever your style, stud earrings can go with any look and complete your outfit. So whether you want to look tres chic or sporty; ear studs are your partner in crime! Of course, a picture says more than a thousand words. Check out our earspiration for even more inspiration.

Where do you buy stud earrings?

You can buy the nicest stud earrings in our webshop. We have designed all the stud earrings that you see on our studs page for you with love and dedication. We stand for affordable luxury. With our affordable ear studs you can combine it nicely. Our studs in silver are made of 925 sterling silver. The gold studs are gold plated and provided with an 18-karat layer of gold with tarnish-resistant coating.

shine on

Whether you go for gold stud earrings, silver stud earrings or both, you can complete your ear candy with a few nice studs. Timelessly classic and yet always on trend, you can't go wrong with these small stud earrings. Discover it for yourself and go for a serious upgrade of your ear party!

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