At Eline Rosina, we believe in the power of choosing happiness every day. We believe in making the most your life by choosing to do what you love every day. Change can sometimes be frightening, but we have learned that true growth only happens when we dare to leave our comfort zone. For us, a happy life is a sum of happy days. Choose to do what you love, and before you know it, you will be living the life you have always dreamed of. It can be that simple. So, take those exciting steps, make that career switch, that solo journey. And remember to pause from time to time, celebrate and appreciate where you are now in your life."

Timeless but never ordinary

Our designs are timeless and cool in its simplicity. Instead of designing trendy, fast-fashion jewellery, we believe in building a collection of the best materials to wear every season.

Eye for detail - care for quality

Our jewellery is designed in-house with attention to detail and handmade with the utmost care by our long-standing partners in Thailand, Turkey & Hong Kong. Committed to building a responsible, dynamic and honest brand, we strive to be a force of positive change in our industry - making products that last longer, honouring the craftsmanship behind them and working with materials that are better for the environment.