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Article: The perfect gold plated necklaces for women

Gouden ketting dames

The perfect gold plated necklaces for women

A gold chain completes your outfit and makes you shine even more. Gold chains come in all shapes and sizes and you can wear them in all kinds of ways. A gold chain is a piece of jewelry that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Then you want to make sure it's all right. Which gold necklace suits you and how can you combine them? We are happy to tell you all about it, will you read along?

A golden edge

Whichever gold chain you choose, one thing is certain. A gold chain is a real eye-catcher and always stands out. A gold necklace for women can therefore be worn alone. If you want to keep it subtle, it's best to go for a small gold chain or a thin gold chain. A flat gold chain is also beautiful in its simplicity and is absolutely chic in itself!

If you like something more striking, you can go for a somewhat thicker gold necklace such as a king necklace in gold. Combining different lengths also creates an effect that certainly stands out positively!

Always nice in both a subtle and striking neck stack is a gold necklace with a pendant. A gold link chain also always comes into its own.

Combine chains

If you want to wear different gold chains together, it is a good idea to combine different lengths. For example, start with a basic gold chain that is a bit shorter and combine it with a long gold chain. With a somewhat shorter chain we mean a chain of 30/40 cm or 40/45 cm. Both lengths fall around your neck and above your collarbone.

Very popular is the gold chain of 50 cm, which falls just below your collarbones. This length and also the shorter gold chains can be combined very well with a longer gold chain.

For a wow effect, choose necklaces with different designs. A short dots necklace works very well with a gold link chain. You can also combine your gold necklace with a pearl necklace for an extra twist. Personally, we think a statement pendant in the neck stack is also very cool.

Real gold

The price of a real gold chain depends on the thickness of the chain and whether you choose a chain of 14 carat, 18 carat or, for example, 24 carat. If you are looking for a cheap gold chain, a gold plated gold chain is ideal. Gold plated necklaces have a silver base but are provided with a real layer of gold.

So this is not just a gold-colored chain: the gold-plated chains from Eline Rosina, for example, are immersed in a 14 carat gold bath and provided with a tarnish-resistant coating. Read more about the materials we use and how to best care for them here.

A gold necklace that fits you

A gold chain should suit you. The color of your chain plays a role in this. When choosing a yellow gold necklace, a rose gold necklace or a white gold necklace, it is good to keep the rest of your jewelry in mind.

Whether you want to go for a gold name necklace, a gold necklace with a coin or a gold necklace without a pendant; it has to feel good. The nice thing is that you can completely personalize your gold necklace with pendants such as an initial or your birthstone.

Whatever you are looking for in a gold necklace, you will find it all in our collection of gold necklaces. Even if you prefer to wear a silver necklace or want to combine silver and gold, our webshop is the right place for you.

Always on trend

A gold chain is never out of style. Buying a gold chain is a good investment in your look. Above you can see some inspiration to combine your gold necklace with other necklaces.

Show us how you combine or match your favorite golden necklace with your look via our Instagram . And who knows, we might see you on our Story on Monday during the Spotted This Week!

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