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Materials & Care

When choosing a new piece of jewelry, it is important to understand what materials there are and how they differ from each other. This way you can determine which type of material suits you best.

14K Solid Gold

Our 14 karat solid gold jewelry is made to last forever; they will never discolor or oxidize. To reduce our impact on the environment, we work as much as possible with recycled 14k solid gold. Where this is not (yet) possible, we use gold that has been mined responsibly and certified according to the conditions of, among others, the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).

lab-grown diamond

Whether a diamond forms in the earth or in a lab, both are genuine. They possess precisely the same optical, chemical, and physical properties.
The reason we have started working with lab-grown diamonds is that it offers a more sustainable & ethical alternative to natural diamonds, without customers having to compromise on the quality of the jewelry.

The value of our diamonds is determined based on four characteristics: Carat, Clarity, Colour, and Cut.

18k gold plated brass

Our 18k gold plated items have a brass base with a 18 karat solid gold 1 micron layer. We use this material for some of our statement pieces. The reason we use brass instead of sterling silver is because of the affordability. These items are still very durable, the only difference is the base of the item.

18k Gold plated sterling silver

Our gold plated sterling silver jewelry all have a base of recycled sterling silver with a layer of 18 carat gold on top. The thickness of this gold layer varies between 0.25 and 1 micron, depending on the piece of jewellery. All our gold plated sterling silver jewelery is provided with a protective e-coating for a longer finish.

Recycled sterling silver

Quality starts with the basics. That is why all our jewellery, both silver and gold plated, are made from recycled 925 sterling silver. This is a higher quality and more sustainable alternative than, for example, brass and stainless steel.