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Article: Jewelry online

Sieraden online

Jewelry online

Online jewelry shopping has become very normal, we are a big fan! What could be easier than shopping for earrings from that slumped corner on the couch in your comfy pj's with a hot chocolate? Then a few days later there is a present for yourself on the mat, delicious!

The big advantage of buying jewelry online

If you type “jewellery online” into Google you will get about 27,600,000 results in 0.45 seconds. Boom. So many online webshops where jewelry is sold. Where to start!? Buying earcandy and neck stacks via an online webshop has a number of advantages. An advantage of buying jewelry online is that you don't have to try it on to see if it is the right size. In addition, you can find an entire page with earspiration photos at Eline Rosina's website. The big advantage of this is that you can see exactly what matches well with each other and whether the earrings are large or small! In addition, you are of course there like the chickens when a new collection comes out. One click on the advertisement and you are face to face with the latest of the latest. We also keep everyone informed of the latest developments and collections on Eline Rosina's Instagram and Facebook page. So if you haven't seen it yet, a new collection will be released next week! So sit back, have a coffee and wait for us to spam you with our beautiful new collection and let the fun part begin.

Another advantage is that if you are not completely satisfied with your products, you can easily return them! So you don't have to take the bike on a rainy day to drop off the package in the store just in time. We also have one on our website page that explains exactly how to handle this. A child can do the laundry.

Online jewelry store from Eline Rosina

Eline Rosina is a jewelery label founded in 2014 by Hanna Pranger in Nijmegen. In the beginning only earrings were sold, but this collection has been expanded with necklaces and cuffs. Eline Rosina's jewelry is sold in more than 80 stores in addition to its own webshop. From gold hoops to silver statement earrings ! Do you want to know where the name Eline Rosina comes from? Click here and read more!

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How they wear it

How they wear it

After the launch of the Enlarged collection, we spotted several trendsetters with our earcandy! We think it's great to see that our earrings are favorites among a wide community of social influence...

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Sieraden winkel Nijmegen

Jewelery store Nijmegen

Shop till you drop! To date, Eline Rosina only has an online webshop . But don't be sad because today we sell our jewelry in more than 80 stores in the Netherlands and abroad! And it is still growi...

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