Our 14k solid gold products are made to last forever. It will never oxidize or discolor, so you can wear your investment pieces all day and everywhere. To minimize our environmental impact our 14k solid gold pieces as much as possible. While we aim to prioritize using recycled gold, we make sure that any new gold is mined responsibly and certified against international sustainability standards and best practice such as the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).


Our gold plated jewelry has a sterling silver base, plated with 18k solid gold. The thickness of the plating varies between 0.25 and 1 micron depending on the style. A protective layer of e-coating is applied on top of the gold plating for a durable and shiny finish.


To be considered gold vermeil a product must have a very thick layer of solid gold (2.5 microns) over sterling silver. This thicker layer will make sure your product lasts even longer than our regular gold plating (between 0.25 and 1 micron). Our gold vermeil products have a thick 18k solid gold layer on recycled sterling silver, finished off with an e-coating for a longer durability.


Sterling silver is the best precious metal out there to use as a base metal for plated jewelry and of course, for silver jewelry. All our pieces (except for our solid gold line) are made of recycled 925 sterling silver. A higher quality and more sustainable alternative to cheaper base metals such as brass, stainless steel and copper. To minimize our environmental impact we only use recycled sterling silver.


All of our rings are finished with nothing less than high quality gemstones and real diamonds to provide you with some serious sparkle.

The use of zirconia stones offers a durable and affordable alternative to diamonds. You get the look without the crazy price tag. All our sparkling items are finished with zirconia stones to guarantee the affordable luxury we stand for.

Jewelry care

Sterling silver as well as gold plated jewelry can change colour over time as a result of normal use and aging. There are many factors influencing the wear and tear of jewelry:
- Prolonging exposure to sunlight and oxygen can cause jewelry to fade colour and/or erode and dull.
- Sterling silver and gold plating can be permanently damaged or discoloured caused by contact with water, chlorine, perfume, cosmetics, oils and creams and chemical products such a detergents.
- The acidity of the skin, which differs per person (and is influenced by, among other things, food, alcohol consumption, use of medication and perspiration), can affect the material and cause discolouring of jewelry.

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