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Article: Gold plated necklace

Gold plated ketting

Gold plated necklace

A gold plated necklace is the perfect accessory for all occasions! The nice thing about gold plated chains is that you can use them in all directions and they don't have to be a total drain on your wallet. Moreover, these gold-colored necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, so you will always find one that suits you. What are the most wanted gold plated necklaces and how do you wear them? We'll tell you all about it!

Go well rated with a gold plated necklace

Gold plated chains are ideal if you are looking for an affordable gold chain. A gold plated necklace is also called a gold plated gold necklace. This means that the chain has a different core (for example silver) and is provided with a layer of real gold. Almost the same in terms of look and feel. A gold plated chain is not made of solid gold, but you can feel that difference mainly in the fact that gold plated chain is relatively affordable.

Gold plated necklace ladies

Gold plated necklaces for ladies are hotter than hot. Whether you go for a thick gold-plated gold chain or a thinner one; it always stands out. In the positive sense of the word. You have the gold plated necklace with a pendant, such as the popular gold necklace with a coin, but also gold plated necklaces without a pendant.

Personally, we always like to select our own pendants for a necklace. This way you make it nice and personal and underline your own style in a way that feels good. How about a gold plated chain with a letter, for example? A combination of letters and charms is also very charming. We are fans!

Hit em high hit em low

If you want to combine several gold plated chains, it is nice to choose gold plated gold chains in various lengths. This way you layer your gold plated necklaces in an elegant way and you immediately create more depth. For example, you can combine your 60 cm gold plated necklace or 70 cm gold plated necklace with a 50 cm gold plated necklace for a layered and sophisticated effect.

For an extra twist, it is also nice to combine with dangles. Do not wear a pendant on the shorter chain and one or more on the longer one. Combining a thick gold plated necklace with a thinner one also gives your neck stack a golden edge.

The gold plated necklaces from Eline Rosina

At Eline Rosina we design all our gold plated necklaces ourselves with a lot of love. We only use high-quality 925 sterling silver for the base of our gold-plated necklaces. The plating we work with is always an 18-carat gold plating that is also finished with a tarnish-resistant coating.

Whether you want to go for an initials necklace that is gold plated or a minimalist gold plated necklace in gold. If you want to buy a gold plated necklace, you can go in all directions with our collection . The choice is yours! Here you can read more about the materials we use and how you can best care for them.

Wear your gold plated necklace your way!

Whether you go for a subtle and short gold plated necklace or go for long, grand and compelling; we've got your neck! Do you want to share your statement with us? We'd love to hear from you! Tag @elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and maybe you'll see your neck stack on our stories!

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