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Article: Silver earrings

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Silver earrings

Silver earrings are an all-time favourite. Earrings in silver come in all shapes and sizes and are always possible. They are not only fun as a base, but also suitable for a lot of unpacking. How best to wear and combine your silver earrings? We are happy to tell you all about it, will you read along?

Indispensable classics for every style

Silver earrings can actually be combined with anything. Whether you're wearing a yellow top with blue pants or rocking an all-white look, silver earrings will complete your outfit. With silver earrings you can go in all kinds of different directions. A basic look with minimalist silver earrings or a statement look with coarse ear parties for a night out. The choice is yours!

Once upon a time

The silver earring goes long way back. Where do silver earrings for ladies actually come from and why are they indispensable nowadays? Let's dive into it! In the Middle Ages, it was mostly men and children who wore silver earrings. Long ago, jewelry became a status symbol for wealth and power. Women did not begin to wear the silver ear ornaments much until the middle of the twentieth century. They poked holes at each other during parties (remember Grease?).

As a result, silver earrings became extremely popular. In the 1960s and 1970s, silver earrings were mainly used as a sign of protest. Silver earrings were very popular with the punk movement at this time. Even today you can be nice and rebellious with earrings made of silver. In the past, combining two different types of color earrings was really a no-go. Nowadays, if you are a real off-roader, it is super cool to combine gold and silver earrings .

Combine silver earrings

Even if you prefer not to combine gold and silver in your ear party, you can go in all directions with silver earrings. For example, it is a good idea to combine silver earrings with silver earrings. If you like it a little more edgy, you can also opt for silver statement earrings . These are special silver earrings that provide a nice twist.

You can also create your perfect earparty with minimalist earrings, such as silver rings or stud earrings in silver! A party but rather no extra piercing? Then take a look at our ear cuffs in silver.

What to wear with silver earrings?

As mentioned, silver earrings can go with any outfit. But if you need a helping hand in styling your looks, we are of course more than happy to give you advice here. Silver ear parties are the best match with a light outfit. Think light mom jeans with a white sweater or blouse, for example. If you want to complete your look, add a tight ponytail. Et voila! Silver earrings with a dark outfit also make your look super classy. Perfect for a night out or a glamourous dinner date.

The silver shiny effect of the earrings is perfect with the light outfit. The same goes for the color of your skin. Just like choosing the right color foundation, choose the right color jewelry for the color of your skin. Do you have a light undertone in the color of your skin? Lucky you, because then silver earrings are the best choice for you!

The silver earrings from Eline Rosina

In our webshop you will only find real silver earrings. These are made with love from 925 sterling silver. This means a ratio of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, in our case copper. Pure silver is too soft for production and use, which is why a small amount of other stronger material is added to the silver.

Would you like to know more about the material we use and how you can best care for your silver earrings? View our materials here .

Earrings that can be seen

Whether you are looking for silver earrings, silver earrings or silver stud earrings, you are in the right place for all kinds of fabulous silver earrings in our webshop. Happy with your silver creoles or your silver pendants? Show us what you got and tag us on Insta. We are curious about your (silver) earparty!

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