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Article: Why pierce and not shoot?

Waarom piercen en niet schieten?

Why pierce and not shoot?

Piercing and shooting are two different methods of piercing, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Piercing is the traditional method in which a needle is pushed through the skin and then a ring or stud is slid through it. Shooting is a modern method in which a special gun is used to shoot the ring or stud through the skin. But why is it important to get your hole pierced and not get shot? And which piercing hurts the most? In this blog we will tell you all about it!

Piercing is considered the safest and most hygienic method of piercing. This is because the needle used with each new piercing is replaced. In addition, piercing is often done with a medical grade needle, which is sterilized and works well to minimize tissue damage. A major advantage of piercing is that the needle causes minimal damage to the skin. This reduces the pain and allows the wound to heal faster. This is why piercing is often used for piercings in delicate areas such as the cartilage of your ear such as a helix, tragus or conch piercing .

Shooting is often considered less hygienic because the piercing gun is not replaced or cleaned for every new piercing. This can put you at risk of infections or other complications. In addition, there is a greater risk of tissue damage and bleeding, and therefore recovery may take longer. As a result, it is mainly inadvisable to have holes that are placed in the cartilage shot. The only advantage of shooting is that it is often cheaper than piercing. We recommend that you pay a little more so that you have more certainty of the right healing for your piercing than pay less and get an infection!

Thus, in general, it is recommended that piercings be performed by an experienced piercer who follows good hygiene practices. This helps to prevent infections or other complications. If you are unsure whether a particular method is suitable for the piercing you want, it is wise to seek professional advice.

Why pierce and not shoot?

Which piercing hurts the most?

It is of course difficult to determine which piercing hurts the most as this can vary greatly from person to person. Some people experience little pain when getting a piercing, while others experience a lot of pain. This depends on various factors such as skin sensitivity, anxiety and individual pain perception.

There are some ear piercings that are considered more painful than others. Below we have made a list of ear piercings that are often mentioned as the most painful:

  • Industrial piercings: This piercing goes through the cartilage of the ear from top to bottom, thus piercing through multiple layers of the ear. This is often considered one of the most painful types of ear piercings.
  • Rook piercings : These are piercings that go right through the rook, a small piece of cartilage at the top of the auricle. This is a sensitive area and can be painful.
  • Helix piercings: Helix piercings are placed on the edge of the outer ear and this place is often sensitive and can be more painful for some.
  • Tragus piercings: The tragus is a solid piece of cartilage above the auricle where this piercing can be placed. This can be a sore spot for some.

This classification does not apply to everyone, of course, some people experience little pain with one of these piercings, while others experience a lot of pain with another piercing. In addition, the pain you experience after the piercing can usually be relieved with proper care. It's always a good idea to seek professional advice before getting a piercing and to carefully follow the piercer's care instructions.

Why pierce and not shoot?

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