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Article: Store jewelry

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Store jewelry

'You can never have enough jewelry!'' is a quote that most women can agree with. New collections or earparties where all senses start to stimulate, we know how it feels. Yet there is an important point that is often overlooked, namely the storage of your jewelry. In the beginning, your jewelry collection is often manageable. You have a container in which you have all your silver or gold jewelry, but after a while it becomes a big chaos. Did you know that if you don't store your jewelry in the right way, it can be at the expense of quality? Let's share some of our must-known tips!

Clean up jewelry

How do you ensure that it remains clear? This is an easy one, store your jewelry immediately after wearing it! A small effort that will save you a lot of time later and we can all use that time (especially in the morning). If you put all the earrings and necklaces loose in a box it will quickly get tangled, so structuring them right away will help keep it tidy. You know that feeling that you try to be creative every morning and still go for your go-to earparty? Check. Make sure these earrings are separate so you don't get everything out of the closet before you get what you're looking for. Also make sure that you regularly update your jewelry closet, which jewelry do you really still wear? Be critical! You don't have to get rid of these, you can also give them to someone or put them in a separate box if you are in doubt. This way you only have a jewelry cabinet with the jewelry that you actually wear.

Storage tips

  • Always store your jewelry in a dark room, because your jewelry can discolor when exposed to too much (sun) light and moisture. For example, use a lockable box or put your jewelry rack in your wardrobe!
  • Close your chains when you take them off, this prevents them from getting tangled and of course no one wants that in the early morning ;) You can also hang them up to prevent them from getting tangled and that's how you can also easier!
  • Do you want to store your jewelry in a creative way? Use a glass jewelry box, etagère, mason jar, or even a bulletin board. Decorate it with dried flowers and voilà, you have a fancy jewelry stash.
  • Not feeling creative? With your Eline Rosina purchases you will receive black boxes, which you can also store your jewelry in or use them to take your jewelry with you on a trip.

Caring for jewelry

Finally, in addition to properly storing your jewelry, caring for it is just as important. Did you know, for example, that it is not recommended to wear jewelry while sleeping, exercising and showering? You can read all about this in the blog caring for jewelry . How do you store your jewelry? Share it with us on Instagram by tagging @elinerosinajewelry in your post or using #elinerosinajewelry. Who knows, we might include your tips in one of our blogs!

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