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Article: How do you create the perfect ear party?

Earparty Eline Rosina

How do you create the perfect ear party?

There is no better party than an ear party. In any case, we can no longer do without it and we are completely hooked. But what exactly is it and how do you create the perfect ear party? Because we won't be able to say anything about ear candy anyway, we are happy to tell you all about it and give you tips for your ear party. Read on quick!

What is an ear party?

The word says it all, of course, and the translation is quite literal. An ear party is a party of earrings in all shapes and sizes. Whether it will be an elegant 'seat party' or an exuberant 'big party' is up to you. In principle, a party cannot be crazy enough and you can combine it carefree. There is no right or wrong, it's the party that matters!

How do you create the perfect ear party?

Choosing different earrings for your ears has become a true hype in the last year and has been elevated to an art. The amount of hashtags used on social media (guilty) for naming the decorations in your ears can no longer be kept up. In this article we try to provide a number of tools so that you can create your perfect earparty.

You can of course combine all earrings with each other, but the perfect ear party often requires just a little more fine tuning. No matter how messy an ear party sometimes looks, it has often been thought about longer than you might think. Below are a number of steps that should ultimately give you a perfect earparty!

STEP 1: Choose a material

The first choice you make is to choose an ear party in Silver or an ear party in Gold . Combining is of course also possible, but this quickly makes the whole messy. If you prefer to combine materials, our advice is to only apply this to a minimalist party, because then it will not immediately become a colorful fair.

Silver earrings never go out of style, but you currently see that an ear party in gold has the upper hand. All that aside. The most important thing about your earring party is that it's your party, and at your party, your rules apply!

STEP 2: Choose a style

It is useful to first consider what you want to radiate with your new ear party before you buy ear party earrings. How striking do you want your ears to be? You will find the following choices below: a minimal, medium or statement earparty.

Minimalist ear party

With a minimalist earparty you can actually combine all minimal items, basic items and small hoops . Only studs give a more classic look, a combination of hoops and studs is a bit more playful and only hoops make your earparty a bit more edgy. If you want to keep your earparty very minimalistic, it is better not to use too many different shapes and sizes. Add a small zirconia stone for the perfect finishing touch.
Ear party

Medium ear party

With a medium earparty we mean several hoops and/or studs combined in different sizes. This way you make a statement with your earrings and your ears stand out without the earrings being very large. The processed hoops or cone hoops are perfect for this. If you then combine it with a different shape and stud, you quickly have a playful effect. Consider, for example, the cone hoop with a stud. It does not have to be worn from large to small for the playful effect.

Ear party

Statement ear party

This earparty is for the real dare devils who like to show off their ears. The large hoops are extremely suitable for this. Because these hoops are a statement in themselves, it is better to wear a small stud or hoop or sometimes even no other earring at all. Many people still have to get used to this trend, but big hoops are really indispensable. A statement earparty also includes several medium size earrings together. For example, think of the medium hoops that are already striking in themselves combined with a threader and a zirconia earring. Thanks to the different shapes and materials you make a real statement.

Ear party

Studio collection

Atelier Collection consists of dangles and hoops designed by our own Eline Rosina designers: Hanna and Josien. You choose an Atelier hoop and an Atelier dangle , and connect them together. This way there are endless ways to keep styling the collection and it is therefore perfect for making a unique earparty! In addition, all items from the collection are sold as single pieces, which means that you can go all the way with your ear party.

STEP 3: Ear party earrings: symmetrical or not?

Finally, it is important to determine whether you want to wear the same in both ears. Many people today do not have the same amount of piercings in each ear. With a minimalist earparty you can wear everything together due to the fineness. With a medium earparty you can choose two of the same ears and if you do not want this, always choose a striking ear and a minimal ear. Do not choose to wear different earrings of a larger size in two different ears. It doesn't have to be a fun fair. The same goes for the statement earparty. For really large items, choose the same in both ears and otherwise go for a striking ear and a minimal ear. Of course, these are just tips! Everyone has a different taste and nothing is right or wrong! What does your new earparty look like? Tag us on Instagram @elinerosinajewelry !

Buy ear party

Do you want to buy ear party earrings? Then you have come to the right (web) address in our webshop. With the nicest mix and match earrings you put together your own unique ear-party set with our Atelier Collection . If you want to expand your party but don't want an extra piercing, our ear cuffs are a welcome guest at your party.

Do you find it difficult to put together the perfect look? Don't worry! We have something for that: our Virtual Atelier . Here you can virtually (online) put together your own earparty. How it works: first choose the number of ear holes, then your favorite hoops and then the dangles. Place them in your basket and you can order them right away!

We design all our earrings ourselves. Our goal is to make affordable luxury that really makes you shine. We hope you enjoyed our ear party inspiration! Good luck and have an amazing party ;)

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