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Article: What are Gold Plated Earrings?

Gold Plated Oorbellen

What are Gold Plated Earrings?

Updated: September 7, 2022

Gold Plated Earrings . They make your look just that little bit more striking and are also timeless and classy. Unfortunately, real gold earrings come with a more expensive price tag. But don't worry: Gold Plated jewelry gives your look the same look as real gold earrings, while they are a lot more affordable. Discover all about it here!

Gold Plated Earrings

The term Gold Plated is used in various and sometimes misleading ways. This can be a bit confusing. Gold Plated earrings are also called gold plated earrings. Gold Plated actually only means that a layer of gold is poured over a base. However, this says nothing about the material of the base under the gold layer. The quality of Gold Plated earrings therefore varies enormously. Because the base is sometimes made of base metal (such as brass or steel). This kind of metal can lead to a green print of your ring on your fingers and of course you don't want that.

Gold earrings by Eline Rosina

The Gold Plated earrings from Eline Rosina are 18k Gold Plated earrings. They all have a base of 925 Sterling Silver , a precious metal of high quality. The silver base is dipped in a gold bath, creating a layer of real gold with a beautiful shiny finish. In addition, the Gold Plated earrings from our collection have a protective E-coating. This keeps the quality of the jewelry even longer.

Our jewelry

The Gold Plated jewelry collection by Eline Rosina has been expanded with a lot of nice gold plated necklaces in gold and silver . It is great fun to combine your Gold Plated earrings with a Gold Plated necklace. Good to know: the same applies to our Gold Plated necklaces as to the Gold Plated earrings: they are 18k Gold Plated.

Gold Plated Earrings

Gold Plated earrings for the perfect earparty

The nice thing about Gold Plated earrings is that you can combine them endlessly with other gold jewelry. For example, you can combine minimalistic Gold Plated earrings (for example Gold Plated earrings studs ) with Gold Plated creoles (Gold Plated earrings). For the ultimate earparty, combine with our gold-colored dangles from the Atelier Collection . Also gold plated zirconia earrings should not be missing in your ears.
The advantage of Gold Plated earrings is that they are a bit cheaper. This way your earparty will also be a party for your wallet! If you are looking for cheap Gold Plated earrings, you are in the right place at Eline Rosina. To ensure that you can regularly make a new ear stack, we release new Gold Plated earrings every year! Curious about our newest gold earrings? Check out our new in page and let yourself be seduced.

The process in Thailand

We design all our Gold Plated earrings ourselves. The further process of the Gold Plated jewelery all starts in Thailand for Eline Rosina. Once a year, founder Hanna visits the factories where the earrings are developed (definitely, the best part of the job). A special moment, because in Thailand Hanna gets her hands on the samples of the new collection of Gold Plated jewelry for the first time!
During this visit, the dots are put on the i, so that the beauties can then be sent to the Eline Rosina HQ. Here the sets are made for the campaign shoot of the collection (second best part). Because inspiration is everything! Would you like to know more about Eline Rosina and the creative process behind all earrings? Then check out the blog " Our story ".

Gold Plated Earrings

Cleaning earrings

The Gold Plated jewelry from Eline Rosina therefore contains a Gold Plating of 18K. Not real gold jewelry, but jewelry with a thin gold-plated layer of gold. Gold Plated jewelry has the same look as real gold jewelry.
Although Eline Rosina's Gold Plated earrings are of good quality and remain beautiful for a long time, there are a number of things you can do to keep both your Gold Plated earrings and Gold Plated necklace beautiful for as long as possible. In addition to occasional cleaning, we recommend that you:
  • avoid water
  • store your gold plated earrings when you are not wearing them
  • not to wear your Gold Plated earrings if you suffer from an inflamed or irritated ear. The inflammation can change the acidity of your skin, which can cause the earring to discolor.

Taking care of your (Gold Plated) jewelry is essential to enjoy your jewelry for as long as possible. In our blog about caring for jewelry, you can read more about caring for your Gold Plated jewelry .

Earrings for a golden edge

Gold Plated earrings and gold plated jewelry are a perfect alternative to gold. Keep in mind that the lifespan of Gold Plated jewelry is not the same as that of real gold jewelry. But if you give your Gold Plated earring enough love and attention, you will certainly enjoy it for a long time. Discover it yourself and view our collection !

Gold Plated Earrings

Gold-plated tag

We really love earrings. Do you share this love with us? Please show us, we love to hear from you! Do you have a pair of Gold Plated earrings that you absolutely love? Tag @ elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and you might see your golden look on our stories!

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