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Article: Gold earrings

Gouden oorbellen

Gold earrings

Gold earrings are always a good idea and basically go with everything. You have them in all shapes and sizes. Where one likes subtle gold earrings, the other prefers to shine with large gold earrings. In this article we tell you everything about gold earrings. From history to today's surprising offerings. Sit back and enjoy reading!

Something to last

Gold earrings have a rich history and were already worn by civilizations that lived 2000 years before Christ. In the past, it was mainly men who wore earrings and in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, earrings were associated with pure coolness.

The pirates also often wore gold earrings, especially rings, who doesn't know the image? For sailors, these gold earrings were a kind of life insurance policy. If the pirates did not return home and washed up somewhere, a funeral could still be paid for thanks to their gold earrings. Less fun theme, but the fact is that gold earrings have always been seen as precious.

Gold earrings ladies

Fortunately, earrings also became increasingly popular for ladies and in the mid-twentieth century you no longer had to be a 'Jack Sparrow' to wear golden earrings. Gold earrings brighten up any outfit and are available in various breathtaking designs today. Think, for example, of subtle gold earrings, gold creoles or gold earrings with a pendant.

A gold earring for everyone

Which gold earrings you choose, of course, depends a bit on your further style. If you like it a bit more exuberant, gold statement earrings or gold earring pendants are a golden asset. If you are looking for earrings to expand your ear candy, small gold earrings such as gold rings or gold studs might be a good idea. The nice thing is that you can combine them to your heart's content and you can also combine the larger single pieces with subtle ones.

Gold colored earrings

A good alternative to real gold earrings are gold plated earrings . These are gold plated earrings that are provided with a real layer of gold. For our gold-tone earrings, we use premium 925 sterling silver that we dip in a bath of 18-karat gold. This is how gold earrings with an 18-karat gold plating are created.

Everyone wants such a gold earring

Because these earrings are not made of solid gold, they are a cheap alternative to gold earrings. This way you participate in the trends in a way that is budget proof. And don't worry: our gold plated gold earrings shine just as hard and give your outfit and ear party that golden edge. In our earrings collection you can shop the nicest gold-colored earrings and gold-colored ear studs. Of course there are also rose gold copies!

Gold earrings are never out of style

Whether you go for gold stud earrings or gold earrings with a pendant; you will enjoy gold earrings for a long time. Gold-colored earrings also last a long time, especially if you know how to best care for your jewelry. The beauty of gold or gold-colored earrings is that they are always possible and always on trend. Whether you opt for large gold earrings or a small gold ear stud; you can't go wrong with golden earrings

Gold earrings are never out of style

We really love earrings. Do you share this love with us? Please show us, we love to hear from you. Do you have a pair of gold earrings that you absolutely love? If you can't get enough, we wanna see it! Tag @ elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and you might see your golden look on our stories!

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