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Threader earrings

Are you looking for threader earrings? You’re in the right place! At Eline Rosina you can find gold plated and 925 sterling silver threader earrings, either with or without sparkly zirconia adornments.

What are threader earrings

As their name implies, threader (also known as ear thread earrings, ear thread findings, or thread earrings or pull-through earrings) are designed to be threaded through the piercing in your earlobe, and therefore don’t require any other fixings to secure them in place. Threader and pull-through earrings are designed for pierced ears.


Eline Rosina threader earrings feature a fine chain that is attached to a metal post. The delicate gold metal is so minimal and delicate, yet the long chain in the back makes them stand out. When in place, threader earrings are effortlessly minimalist, chic but edgy, and perfect for complementing just about every outfit in your wardrobe. The lack of fastening makes threader earrings lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. Perfect if you have sensitive earlobes. Its length can be adjusted depending how far you pull the chain through your ear.

How to wear a threader earring

Threader-style earrings are not only ultra trendy, but they are versatile too. Threader earrings like our Single zirconia threader come with wire ends to make it easy to thread the chain through any pierced hole in your ear, which make threader earrings fun to wear and play around with. You can for example wear our Single double bar threader from one pierced hole to another or just through a single piercing. Have a look at our Earspiration to see how it’s done.

Earparty with threader earrings

In any way, adding a threader to your earparty is an easy way to dress up even the most casual ensemble. If you're looking to add a jewelry staple to your collection to transform your earring game, think of a threader! Eline Rosina offers everything for an alluring earparty - a large range of pull throughs in both sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver. These earrings are sold as single pieces to make it even easier to create a diverse ear party, but threaders also look beautiful worn as a pair - if you would like a pair just add 2 to your cart. Happy shopping!