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Ear cuffs

Looking for nice ear cuffs to expand your ear candy collection? Look no further! On this page you will find all our luxurious yet affordable ear cuffs. These ear cuffs are made with passion and love by our own team for you. designed. We understand you can't wait to take your ear party to the next level. Do you order before 3 p.m.? Then your order will be shipped the same day. Explore our beautiful ear cuffs collection soon!


Ear cuffs are the trend in earrings. At Eline Rosina we have a wonderful selection of the most beautiful ear cuffs. Never heard of an ear cuff before? No worries, we will explain it to you! A ear cuff silver can be worn in different places in the ear, for example at the top of the ear or just nicely halfway down the ear. The good thing is, you don't need a hole for it.

How does it work? You bend the ear cuff to the right size so it easily fits around your ear, then you squeeze the ear cuff closed and you are good to go! This way you don't have to get a new hole drilled, but you can still put together your own unique earparty. No one can tell the difference from a real earring. Completing your ear party? Then combine your ear cuffs with a composite earrings set from Eline Rosina.

Our range of ear cuffs

Whether you're team gold team silver or team both doesn't matter. In our webshop you will find ear cuffs in gold but also ear cuffs in silver. Within our assortment you will find different types and sizes of ear cuffs. On our website you will find small and large ear cuffs, thick and thin. In addition, we do not only have smooth plain ear cuffs, but also ear cuffs with zirconia stones. Eline Rosina has gold and silver ear cuffs with zirconia stones.

Combine ear cuffs

Both a silver ear cuff and a gold ear cuff can be combined effortlessly. For example, with other gold or silver earrings. From the Atelier Collection to our latest collections, we have everything. Or just as a finishing touch to our statement earrings. You wear your ear cuffs without a hole. So you can use (any) other holes nicely for earrings to make a perfect ear party. Ear cuffs go with any outfit and any hairstyle. We are especially fans of ear cuff earrings combined with a high ponytail or messy bun. Show 'em what you've got! In our collection you will find not only basic ear cuffs but also special ear cuffs with stones.

But what is the best way to combine your ear cuffs with? Here are some tips: do you prefer classy plain and do you wear a lot of ear cuffs? minimalist jewelryThen also shop a minimalist ear cuff. This way all your jewelry will match well together! Do you prefer eye-catching jewelry, the so-called statement piecesThen also choose an eye-catching wide ear cuff with for example shiny zirconia rhinestones. At Eline Rosina we have something for everyone, so shop away and show us your beautiful earparty on Instagram. @elinerosinajewelry

Earring without holes

An earcuff is actually an earring without the need for a hole as we already mentioned in this blog explained. This allows you to expand your earparty if you only have 2 holes and have seen a nice earparty of 3 items. The ear cuff is therefore really an addition to your jewelry collection. You have many basic ear cuffs but also ear cuffs with zirconia stones. If you have 2 different ear cuffs in your jewelry collection you can actually make any ear party complete.

Ear cuff gold or Ear cuff silver

Are you looking for a gold or silver ear cuff? Then you have come to the right place at Eline Rosina! We think it's important that everyone can complete her ear party with an ear cuff. Ear cuffs are perfect for any occasion. An ear cuff can be cool or very feminine, so there is always an ear cuff that suits you. It doesn't matter whether you wear a silver ear cuff or a gold ear cuff, you want it to sit well in your ear. Then wear your hair up, in a bun with a hair clip or a classy ponytail. Do you have no idea which ear cuff to choose? Check out our blog: ' 4 tips for choosing the right earcuff’ 

Buy ear cuff

Eline Rosina is the place to order your ear cuffs online. We have a suitable cuff for everyone. We want everyone to enjoy that luxurious feeling without spending a fortune. Within the Netherlands we deliver your order for free from €50. Get ready to rumble and order your ear cuffs today!

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What materials are Eline Rosina's ear cuffs made of?

The gold ear cuffs from Eline Rosina are made of 925 Recycled Sterling Silver, with an 18 carat Solid Gold layer (between 0.25 and 1 micron) and finished with an e-coating so that it stays good as long as possible. The Silver ear cuffs are made of recycled 925 Sterling Silver, the best quality for silver jewelry and, just like the Gold cuffs, finished with an e-coating. Recycled silver is a more sustainable alternative than virgin silver. To find out more about the materials we use for our jewelry, please visit our 'materials & care' page.