Our story

We are a female founded Dutch jewelry brand that focuses on earrings, necklaces and rings. Eline Rosina is all about that luxury feeling. Discover our story.

Our values

AFFORDABLE LUXURY Every girl should be able to feel like a million bucks without paying crazy price tags. It’s our mission to design timeless pieces of high quality that are affordable yet give you that luxury feel. PASSION Founder Hanna has always been passionate about crafting her own jewelry and dreamed of combining this passion with her urge to express her creativity. After finishing law school and working in the legal field for a while she decided to pursue this dream in 2015 – and Eline Rosina was born. Fast forward to now, Eline Rosina grew into a workspace for a team of young creatives with a passion for jewelry that is working full time to keep building the dream. CREATIVITY With creation at the heart of every stage, from sketching new pieces to making a collection come to life through a campaign, our creative process is kept in house from A-Z.

What makes our brand different?

We take pride in being the first Dutch jewelry brand in the (ear)game. Earrings have been our main squeeze since day one and they forever will be. Having a strong focus on earcandy enabled Eline Rosina to grow into a leading brand in the industry over the years. That being said, we don’t shy away from obsessing over all other sparkling things too. Necklaces, charms, you name it. We’re here for all your jewelry needs.


We care about quality and only work with high quality precious metals. There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to materials used for jewelry. We’re here to guide you, because it’s crucial to know what you’re buying and how to care for it.

We explain everything in ourMaterials & Care guide


I founded Eline Rosina in 2015 at my kitchen table after graduating law school. I missed the creative aspect when I studied law and decided to go ahead and start my own jewelry brand: Eline Rosina.

Creativity is what drives me and it’s a dream come true to work on new designs and creative strategies on a daily basis. But the higher goal is to remind other women of their strength and capability to define their own success.