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Article: How do you combine black with earrings?

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How do you combine black with earrings?

Black earrings , we love 'em! Black earrings give your look an edgy edge and stand out nicely. Earrings in black are very popular for a reason. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there is always a black earring that suits you. How do you wear them and which black earrings suit you? Discover it here!

Once you go black

Black is classic and always possible. You probably know someone who always wears black clothes, or maybe that person is you. It can be done anywhere, stands (almost) everyone and is always 'dressed'. Actually, it is the same with black earrings. Black earrings for women are a bit rebellious and mysterious. Black is still associated with night and darkness.

Don't worry, you won't immediately be cast for The Addams Family if you wear black hoop earrings. In addition to something tough, black has something elegant and timeless. Moreover, black is always classy. You just can't go wrong with black earrings.

Which earrings should you choose?

Black earrings go with everything. Even with white you can wear earrings in black. But which black earrings suit you? Of course that depends a bit on your style. In addition to black earrings, pendants and black earrings, you also have the slightly more subtle earrings in black. Prefer to keep it simple? Then statement earrings in black may not be the best choice for you. Then choose a black stud earring or an earring with a black stone.

Would you like something more exuberant? Then choose black pendant earrings or the aforementioned black statement earrings .

Match your outfit

Earrings should match your personality, but it is of course also nice if earrings match your outfit. Fortunately, you can go in any direction with black earrings. In terms of color, black always matches well. It depends on your outfit and the occasion which earring fits best. With your evening wear, a black earring is more festive than, for example, a black ear stud.

Combine earrings in black

Black with gold or silver color in jewelry is a match made in heaven. According to some, black with gold is just a bit more classic and silver earrings with black are a bit tougher. Which one is your favourite? Whatever you choose, you can endlessly combine earrings in black with other earrings. Combine cheerfully until you achieve an effect that makes you happy.

Our beautiful earrings

We design all our earrings from scratch. Earrings in black should of course not be missing in our collection. We work with 925 sterling silver and gold plated earrings. So whether you are looking for gold earrings with a black stone or prefer a silver version, you will find it all in our earring collection . You can also find the popular chain earrings with black stones with us.

Very popular are the stud earrings in black and the earrings with a black stone. You will find black creoles in the form of hoops that are fully inlaid with black zirconia stones. Keep an eye on our collection because new items are added regularly. You can also find a suitable gold ring with black stones in our webshop.

Black earrings for everyone

However you wear them or wish to combine them, earrings in black are an absolute asset to your jewelry collection. Are you happy with your black earrings? Show and tell and tag @elinerosinajewelry on Insta!

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