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Article: Necklace with pearls


Necklace with pearls

A pearl necklace is timeless and gives your look an instant upgrade. Which pearl necklaces are there and how can you combine them? Read on and discover the wonderful world of the pearl necklace!

Deep in the sea

Pearls are mainly made by oysters and have been used by people all over the world for thousands of years. Romans saw pearls as a symbol of power, luck and wisdom and we can relate. In the 19th century, the pearl necklace as we know it became very popular as an impressive accessory.

Wild pearls are quite rare, so the chance that you will find one spontaneously is not very great. It is estimated that 1 in 15,000 wild oysters contains a pearl. Nowadays, pearls are not only fished up but also cultivated to make jewellery, for example. We are fans!

Mother of pearl gives shine

Even today, a pearl necklace is a popular accessory. A necklace with pearls still has a royal flair. Not surprising because the pearl necklace is always elegant and therefore always possible. The most famous is the white pearl necklace, most freshwater pearls are white or pink in color. There are also pearls that are darker in color such as the almost black pearls from Tahiti.

Pearls are often round in shape but can also be irregular, this is called baroque. There are also tear-shaped pearls. These are often used as a pendant.

Necklace with real pearls

Naturally formed round pearls are rare. A pearl necklace of perfectly round natural pearls is priceless for most of us. With cultured or cultured pearls, a spherical object is started and there is a greater chance that a round pearl will emerge.

Because cultured pearls grow under the same conditions, pearls are created that resemble each other in shape and color. This makes it easier to have the required pearls for a pearl necklace together. Cultured pearls are real pearls, so a necklace with cultured pearls is also real. The cultured pearls have ensured that there are also cheap pearl necklaces today.

Combine necklace with pearls

You can actually wear a pearl necklace with anything. This is certainly the case with a white pearl necklace. For a casual outfit like jeans or jumpsuit, a pearl necklace is a real upgrade. Because of the classic look, you can also wear pearls to work. Go for a real female boss look and wear your pearls with a dress or a nice suit. Needless to say that the pearl necklace also fits perfectly with party clothes and makes your party look shine even more.

A pearl necklace can also be beautifully combined with a blouse and other jewellery. When purchasing, pay attention to the length of your pearl necklace. For example, a long pearl necklace is nice on clothing and a short pearl necklace is fabulous under a blazer or blouse. Of course you can choose to wear multiple lengths. Tip: try two short pearl necklaces over a skein. With this trend it is nice to keep about one cm difference in length, so that the chains overlap nicely.

Buy necklace with pearls

Do you already see it all in front of you and would you like to buy a pearl necklace? We design our necklaces ourselves and regularly supplement our collection with new gems. For our pearl necklaces we use real freshwater pearls, unless stated otherwise in the product description. You can also shop matching pearl earrings and other earrings quickly and easily with us.

Shine with a pearl necklace

You want to share happiness. Do you want to show us how happy you are with your pearl necklace? We are curious! Tag @elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and maybe you'll see your look on our stories!

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