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Article: Eline Rosina stays at home

Eline Rosina stays at home

Eline Rosina stays at home

Uncertainty in times like these can be tricky and even a little scary! We are all doing our best to keep ourselves and others safe, in the meantime we are here for you with some positive energy to make this period a little more enjoyable!

Having to cancel all your plans and activities can feel like a setback, but see it as an opportunity: all the things you've wanted to do for so long, but never had time for, you now suddenly have time for! Whether it's reading a book, trying a new recipe, developing talents or doing nothing at all and resting a bit: now is the time.

Do you need some inspiration to get through the days? Below we have a list of listening, reading and viewing tips:

Eline Rosina Radio

Firstly, Eline Rosina gives you a helping hand during brushing, because the fact that you now have time for that does not mean that it is suddenly fun. We made the ultimate cleaning playlist especially for you, so you better clean that shit up girl! You can find the playlist here .


Mindful: Terrible, thanks for asking !

For all the people who don't have "good" as an answer to the question of how you are. Nora McInerny's podcast is here to break just that taboo and talk about what's behind that "good." There is talk about friendship, awkwardness, mental illness, but also 'ordinary dips'. Great to listen on the couch or during a walk!

Fun: Really happened

Hillary stories, told by the people who experienced it themselves. You can't think of it so crazy or it happened to these people!

Business: How I built this – Emily Weiss

Glossier in one word: have! At Eline Rosina, we love Glossier's products. But not only the products! The concept, the design, the experience. Everything appeals to us. How did this brand come about? Listen to Emily, the founder of this beauty & skincare brand and discover how supply and demand have found each other perfectly.


Mindful: Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

Who are we actually? And how did we become who we are today? Yuval Noah Harari takes you on a journey through human history. It is quite a thick book, which you are guaranteed not to be able to put down once you have started!

Thriller: The Last Widow – Karin Slaughter

Anyone who is not yet familiar with the Karin Slaughter series and who likes suspense should definitely start reading her books. Her thrillers are based on true crimes and are thrilling from start to finish!

Business: Start with the why – Simon Sinek

A favorite book for entrepreneurs! Simon starts with the most important: creating something concrete from your heart and your head. A practical and inspiring book. Nice to know: his TED Talk on 'Start with Why' is one of the most viewed TED Talks ever!


Comedy: I ​​feel pretty with Amy Schumer - N etflix

It's me, Renee! When Renee (Amy Schumer) falls off the stationary bike and hits her head, her confidence gets a magical boost. This movie shows in a hillarious way what you can achieve with 'confidence'. Our tip: looking away on a Wednesday evening, with a large glass of wine and popcorn.

Business: Louis Theroux, selling sex

Louis Theroux talks to women in the UK who legally provide paid sexual services. Is selling sex really a healthy way of making money? Find out with Louis!

Mindful: An Ocean Story

Overfishing, climate change and pollution. What are we doing to our mother nature? This documentary not only shows the consequences of our footprints. Scientists, world political leaders and industry are engaged in solutions, improvements and give us hope!

Do you have any nice tips? Do you have a question for us? Or do you just want to share your story with someone. Let us know on Instagram , let's stay connected! Because even though it is currently at a distance, together we are stronger!

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