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Article: Necklace with letter

Ketting met letter

Necklace with letter

A necklace with a letter is totally hot & happening and as far as we're concerned, definitely a keeper! Necklace with letters are also called letter necklace or initial necklace and are a real asset to your jewelry stack. How can you combine such a necklace with a letter and what do you hang on it? We are happy to tell you all about it, will you read along?

Your initial necklace, your story

Whether you want to go for a necklace with 2 letters, a necklace with 3 initials or a necklace with your full name including baptisms: with a personal necklace you show who you are. Whether you opt for a gold letter necklace or prefer an initial necklace made of real silver is entirely up to you. The chain is the base and it must fit well. Also think about jewelry that you already wear.

Fortunately, combining jewelry today is no longer so easy. There are still critics who believe that you should also wear a gold chain with gold bracelets. We think: do what feels right, it's your party!

A necklace with initials and other charming things

A gold initial necklace or a silver letter necklace is even more fun by adding other charms to your necklace, in addition to initials. Again, you can endlessly combine them in a way that suits you. With a personal necklace it is of course important that you have put it together yourself to your heart's content.

Personal necklace with pendant

To meet all your needs at your personal necklace party, we recently launched our new Spring 20 collection: " Mémoire Magique Spring 20 ". We have been working hard on this colorful collection for months. Well, what's new? You might have guessed it already, in addition to many other new items, two new necklaces were released, on which charms, or charms, can be hung.

You can choose from different symbols: from birthstones , all letters of the alphabet and personal symbols. Our Spring 20 collection is all about you! Tell your story by putting together a personal look and make your own magic. Eline Rosina has expanded her collection enormously with this new launch! You can vary infinitely with a chain with a letter.

Do you want to wear even more personal jewelry? Then there are also new earrings online that you can put together completely yourself with symbols, initials , birthstones and other things you love!

Styling tips for a letter necklace

A necklace with initials will always last! It gives a personal touch to your outfit and in addition, an initial is timeless and can always be worn. If you like a bit of variety, a necklace with detachable charms is the perfect option for you. After a while you can put together a whole new necklace with all the different charms from Eline Rosina. An eye-catcher with 5 different charms or a more subtle look with only one or two charms. Show what you're wearing and combine the necklace with a beautiful open neckline. Then your jewelry will look the most beautiful. If you have not yet been able to paint a picture of what such a necklace with an initial looks like, then we have some inspiration for you:

Combine necklace with initials

Each letter necklace can be combined with another necklace. Do you want to give your neck stack a major upgrade? Then we advise you to take a look at our necklaces . Combine a gold neck stack with a high turtleneck or combine them with a deep-cut top. Let us know for which letter your story is telling. Share your story on Instagram and use the hashtag #WearYourStory.

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