Zirconia earrings

Zirconia earrings

Do you feel like stepping up your eargame. Or do you just want to give it a big boost. The earrings with a zirconia stone are completely on-trend. The black zirconia earrings or studs have been in our collection for a while now. But since the Summer 20' Collection a lot of new and summery colors have been added to the collection of zirconia stones Eline Rosina already had. But let's refresh our memories a bit. First things first; what are zirconia stones?

What is the difference between cubic zirconia and diamond?

A zirconia stone is so much like a diamond that the zirconia stone is also referred to as an imitation diamond. If you hold them side by side, the difference between the two is barely visible. This is mainly because both stones are very shiny and sparkly when keeping them in the light. However, there are a number of points on which the cubic zirconia differs from a diamond. First, diamonds are natural crystals that originated in the nature. The zirconia stone, on the other hand, is an artificial stone and is man-made. In addition, a diamond stone is the hardest natural material on earth. But the zirconia stone comes very close. Where the diamond scores a 10 on hardness, the zirconia stone easily reaches 8.5. That means that the zirconia stone can take a beating.

How is it made?

The process can be compared with the Atelier Collection : combine the best element to create a beautiful outcome. This is how the process goes in, hopefully, easy chemical terms: zirconium oxide + magnesium and calcium = zirconia. When you heat this at a very high temperature, the inside of the mixture will melt and the outside will remain firm. This eventually creates crystals. After the mixture has cooled down completely, the outer part is broken off and the inner part is used to finish the zirconia.

Black and white zirconia earspiration

For most girls, black is a dominant color in the wardrobe. It is also an easy color to wear and to combine. So why not continue this color in your earparty? Eline Rosina has a large assortment of earrings with stones in many different colors, which means also black stones. From studs, to hoops to ear cuffs. We'll get you started a bit with some earspiration photos. But don't forget that the white zirconia stones can't be missed out on when you are going for a classy look.

Would you like to add a little more color to your earparty, then you should take a look at our newest collection: Summer 20'. This collection is more colorful than ever. Keep an aye on our social media so you will be the first to know when they will be back in stock, because in won't be long!

If you need even more inspiration, take a look at our earspiration page.

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