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Artikel: Golden rings: how to measure your ring size?

Golden rings: how to measure your ring size?

Golden rings: how to measure your ring size?

A gold ring is the must have for your jewelry box. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can create your own style. A classic to make yourself or a loved one really happy. With our Rock Solid collection you have a gold ring for every occasion. Read on because we also have some golden tips for finding the perfect ring size!

14k Solid Gold

You can enjoy a gold ring for a lifetime. If you’re the type to invest in timeless pieces, then take a look at our Rock Solid collection. You'll love these solid gold rings! These 14 karat solid gold rings are everlasting and deserve to be finished with nothing less than high quality gemstones and real diamonds to provide you with some serious sparkle. And of course they all match with our gold earrings and gold necklaces.

How to measure your ring size?

Our Rock Solid Collection is made to last, so choose your ring wisely! This is why it is extra important to know which ring size fits you best.

Step 1: Grab a little string.
Step 2: Wrap the string around your finger (not too tight).
Step 3: Cut the string where it crosses.
Step 4: Measure this piece with a ruler, this is your ring size is mm.
Step 5: Check this chart to find out about sizes.

You can find the size chart on every product page of a Solid Gold ring.

Measuring ring size: What should you pay attention to?

If you are interested in a thin ring like the Diamond stacker ring, then it’s good to know that you sometimes need to take half a size smaller than your usual ring size. When a thin ring is a little too big, it starts to move around your finger. And that can’t happen because you didn’t choose a ring with diamonds for no reason, they have to be seen! The same goes for a thicker ring, like our Bold dome ring or Diamond signet ring. The thicker the ring, the tighter it can be. Sometimes you have to choose a size larger than usual for the ring to fit properly!

In addition, it is important to measure your ring size when your hands are not too hot or too cold. Your fingers expand when you are very hot, and at a cold temperature they can be a bit narrower than normal.

Ring stacking

A trend that we like to pick up on with our 14k solid gold rings is ring stacking! What is ring stacking? When you know how to turn your ring collection into a party for your hands, you have found your ring stack. We have two different ways you can create your own ring stack. You can put your gold rings on different fingers. Or you go for multiple rings on one finger. Combining a thick gold ring with a fine ring also gives your ring stack an extra boost. Our two dome rings are perfect to wear on a finger, but you can also wear them next to each other and combine them with the Bubble ring or Beaded ring.

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