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Artikel: Ear cuff

Ear cuff

Ear cuff

Meet the ear cuff! This bestseller is the latest trend in the jewelry branch! At Eline Rosina there are three variantions of this ear cuff: the ear cuff with white zirconia stones from the Indian Summer collection, the ear cuff with snake print and the ear cuff with black zirconia stones from our Love Revolution collection. Today, we will share all the ins and outs of this piece!

What is an ear cuff?

An ear cuff is the perfect solution if you want to wear more earrings, but when you're not a big fan of the piercer. With an ear cuff you can create the look of piercings without having extra holes pierced for this. An ear cuff is an ear jewel that simply snaps around your ear and you're good to go! The balls on both ends of the cuff ensure that you won't lose it. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

How does the ear cuff work?

Wearing an ear cuff is super simple and works as follows: you can slide the ear cuff down over the narrowest part of your ear, until you reach the part of your ear where the cuff lingers. Be careful not to pull open the cuff or pinch it when putting it in and out, you can bend the ear cuff! Check the video above for a demonstration.

Combine your jewelry with an ear cuff

Let's add a cuff to your eargame! You can choose to wear the earring with cuff pretty clean with a pair of statement earrings. Or you can have a full house Atelier Collection look with many earrings. Looking for a bold look? Go for a layer-up with your cuffs! Place multiple cuffs on top of each other & combine them! So basicly, this ear jewel can be added to any look, it's a promise ;)

Take care of your ear cuff

Taking care of your jewelry is always very important, this also applies to your ear cuff. To enjoy your ear jewelry for as long as possible, it is advised not to hold it while sleeping, showering, exercising, etc. This is to prevent the ear cuff from bending or losing it. This also ensures that it retains the beautiful shine! Are you a bigger fan of an ear cuff silver or of an ear cuff gold? Let us know! Show us your ear game on Instagram and don't forget to tag @elinerosinajewelry in your post!

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