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Artikel: 5 jewelry trends for 2022

5 jewelry trends for 2022

5 jewelry trends for 2022

New year, new me, new jewelry? According to the jewelry trends of 2022, this is partly true. In 2022, we will remain nostalgic for trends from 2021, but not without a required update. Curious which five jewelry trends will play the leading role in 2022? Then read on quickly!

A touch of colour

Say hello to the brightest and most beautiful colours of the year. In 2022 we will see a lot of colour in our jewelry box. Give a basic outfit easily an upgrade with our Atelier Collection. Are you looking for a ring stack that stands out? The Half Eternity rings in the colours amethyst, emerald and sapphire are then your new go-to rings this year.

The silver renaissance

Are you team silver? Lucky you! Silver jewelry is the biggest comeback kid of this year. Eline Rosina has silver maxi hoops to smaller, minimalist earrings; whatever floats your boat! Are you into combining silver and colour? Our Atelier Collection is available in both gold and silver. Handy; you’ll wear two trends in one earparty! We can imagine that a full switch to the more edgy silver can be a big change, so mixed metals can be a good intermediate step. This way you not only have an effortlessly cool look, your gold jewelry will not remain unused.

Ear parties as your personal statement

2022 is the year that standing out with your earparty will be a personal statement. Lucky you, because that's exactly what we are good at. We love combining earrings and dangles in different sizes and we have a wide range in our Atelier Collection. Choose your hoop, pick a dangle of your choice and your statement for 2022 is made. Put together your earparty in your own style - extra or basic - and you will be known for your famous earparties in no time.

Bold hoops

Bold, bold, boldest. Large statement earrings are here to stay. Gold and silver hoops of everyday essentials, from small and bold to oversized. But if you really want to fall this year, then pavé is the way! Is sparkle a little too much for you? Then our Paloma hoops are the solution for a daring look. Step out of your comfort zone this year and play with size, texture and color. Nothing is too crazy for your earparty this year!


Layer upon layer and we’re here for it! This year you can go all the way with layering - on your neck, hands and/or wrists. The secret to successful layering? Combine different colours, add a charm and don’t forget: more is more. This way you will master your je ne sais quoi look in no time and rock 2022 like a real pro. Thank us later!

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