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Article: How do you combine your silver necklace?

Zilveren ketting

How do you combine your silver necklace?

A silver chain is the ultimate finishing touch to your outfit. Silver chains can be combined endlessly and come in all kinds of designs. Are you looking for a silver necklace or do you want to know how to best combine your silver necklace? Then read on and discover all about it!

A silver lining

A silver necklace is always possible and adorns every look. A silver necklace for women adds something in a subtle way. Whether you wear a weekday outfit or want to create an exuberant party look; a silver chain is your partner in crime. It is sometimes claimed that a silver necklace especially suits the cooler types. How cool are you?

You can choose to wear a single silver necklace as an eye-catcher. In that case, we think the chain can have quite a bit of body. If you combine several necklaces, it is nice to vary in length and type of necklace. Combine a silver necklace without a pendant with a necklace with a pendant for a playful effect.

Combining silver women's necklace

If you want to add variation to your neck stack, it is advisable to also combine with the length of your necklaces. Not only do you provide a nice twist, you also don't want your chains to get tangled. What we see a lot is combining a short silver necklace with a long silver necklace.

The number of necklaces you wear totally depends on your style (and ok, maybe a little bit on your budget). It is very hot to combine a silver chain of 50 cm with a silver chain of 60 cm. These fall nicely under each other and provide a cool effect. Very nice under a nice blouse or blazer with top! In terms of clothing, a silver necklace looks great with cooler shades such as blue, green, purple and pink.

A personal touch

Personally, we are a big fan of the silver necklace with pendant. You can go in any direction with it and you can personalize your neck stack. Whether you go for a silver letter necklace, a silver heart necklace or both, it doesn't matter. Show who you are and create your own story!

Very nice in combination with charms is a silver link chain. With pendants you can vary endlessly and continue to supplement and expand your neck stack. We love!

The best quality silver from Eline Rosina

As our silver necklaces, we design ourselves with a lot of love and an eye for detail. In our webshop you can find all kinds of beautiful and trendy necklaces of good and affordable quality. We use 925 sterling silver for our necklaces, this is the best quality for silver jewelry.

Of course it is also nice to combine your necklace with nice silver earrings. Matching earrings underline your nack stack and complete it. You will also find more than enough silver earrings in our collection . Scroll happily and select the right color to get a good picture of your favorite.

Do you want to combine your silver necklace with gold plated jewelry? Of course that is also possible. It was not done for a long time but we wear what we want how we want it.

Show us what you got!

Do you have a silver necklace or nack stack that you would like to share? We can't get enough of good looks, so come on! Tag @elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and maybe you'll see your look on our stories!

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