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Article: Trends 2021: These are the jewelry trends of this summer

Trends 2021: Dit zijn de sieraden trends van deze zomer

Trends 2021: These are the jewelry trends of this summer

Summer is approaching and we are starting to see the sun more and more. It's high time to take a look at the jewelry summer trends 2021. We've listed some cool jewelry trends for you! Read on quick.

Statement earrings

We saw this trend earlier this year, but statement earrings are also a must-have this season. There are of course many different statement earrings, because these don't have to be large earrings. For example, look at our Frame hoops. These statement earrings are perfect for a striking look without wearing too large earrings. In addition, they are nice to combine with our Frame huggie hoops. Because statement earrings often stand out, it is nice to wear them with a simple summer dress.

A summer full of color

This summer is all about cheerful colors. You may have already seen it in the latest clothing trends, but this summer we also see a lot of colored earrings. Lucky for you, we have a lot of them! In our Atelier Collection you will find hoops and dangles in many different colors. We also have orange earrings, the perfect color for your summer outfit!

And that's not all. This summer we come with a new collection full of new colors. So if you are a fan of colored earrings and flower earrings, this is definitely something for you!

Chains: Earrings and necklaces

Chain earrings are here to stay! No wonder you have seen them in our collection for a long time. Not only chain earrings, but also chain necklaces are a big trend this summer. All the more fun to wear them together!

Double it up!

Wear your favorite statement items not once but twice this summer! A trend that we will see a lot this summer is wearing two of the same earrings. This is possible with large earrings such as our Medium plain hoops or the Tube hoops, but also certainly with Croissant hoops!

Tip: Combine the duotone trend with your double large earrings. You can wear the Medium plain hoops in gold and silver side by side for a striking look!

Pearl earrings

Last but not least, pearl earrings! These can of course not be missing in your summer jewelry collection. If something should give you a summery feeling, it is pearl earrings or pearl necklaces. Our Freshwater pearl hoops together with the Short freshwater pearl necklace complete your beach look!

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