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Article: Which earrings suit your face?

Welke oorbellen passen bij jouw gezicht?
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Which earrings suit your face?

We sometimes hear from customers that they find it difficult to choose which earparty fits their face well. We would like to help with that! That is why we give a number of styling tips for each face shape in this blog .

Actually it's very simple; earrings in the opposite shape of your face balance your face and therefore look best on you. Based on the images below, you can determine which shape corresponds to your face. We have then listed which earcandy from Eline Rosina (available in silver and gold) lets your face speak the best!

Round face

Elongated earrings make your face look narrower and longer. Moreover, simple, small and square earrings look great on you! For example, go for: 1. Tennis earrings ; 2. Single double bar threader ; 3.Single-hook . Stud earrings and (too) round earrings accentuate the round shape of your face, so it is better to avoid these.

Long face

Short and wide earrings balance your face! So go for conical or square earrings, for example (such as: Atelier Snake Hoop; 2. Atelier Classic Hoop + Jane Dangle; 3. Mini bar earrings ). Do not go for long and slender earrings.

Square face

Round earrings are the perfect match for your face shape! They balance your angular facial lines and soften your jawline. For example, go for hoops or drop-shaped earrings (such as: 1. Single ruby ​​huggie hoop ; 2. Medium plain hoops ; 3. Tube hoops ). Avoid square earrings.

Heart-shaped face

Earrings with a triangle or teardrop shape (i.e. narrow at the top and wider at the bottom) give the narrowest part of your face more volume. They make your jawline look wider and give your face a boost! For example, go for: 1. Bee earrings ; 2. Tiny dots earrings ; 3. Zirconia cone earrings . Avoid narrow flared earrings.

Triangle-shaped face

Earrings that are wider at the top and narrow at the end suit your face shape well. In addition, round earrings (small to medium) look very nice on you! For example, go for: 1. Single chain on hoops ; 2. Cubic Zirconia Drop Chain Earrings ; 3. Single pave tusk earring . It is better not to add triangle-shaped earrings to your collection of earrings.

Oval face

Actually, any shape of earrings looks good on you. lucky bird! For example, go for: 1. Icon hoops ; 2. Croissant Hoops ; 3. Oval cubic zirconia earrings ). It is better to avoid earrings that are too long.

Hopefully these tips will help you! Remember that these are only guidelines and you should go for the ear candy that appeals to you. Good luck! Have you found the perfect earrings? Let us know by tagging @elinerosinajewelry on Instagram!

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