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Article: Piercing tragus

tragus piercing

Piercing tragus

A tragus piercing , beautiful but also subtle. A very common piercing that you can wear in different ways. But what does this popular piercing entail? Where is it placed, how do you change the piercing jewelry and how do you clean it? Everything about the piercing tragus can be found here in this blog!

What is a tragus piercing?

A tragus piercing is a cartilage piercing that is placed in the ear. The piercing is in the small piece of cartilage at the front of the ear, just in front of your ear canal. This way the tragus piercing sits against the side of the face. This is a subtle but beautiful place for a nice button or ring. Often a small piece of jewelry is worn in this piercing.

piercing tragus

How to unscrew piercing?

With so many different beautiful types of piercings that can be worn in a tragus, you have to know how to easily unscrew and close a piercing. With a tragus piercing , this is done as follows: to unscrew the piercing you have to turn to the right (seen from above). If you want to tighten the piercing again, you have to turn it to the left. If you are unable to unscrew the piercing with your hands, you can also choose to hold the back with small pliers and open the front.

How to clean piercing?

Because the tragus piercing is a cartilage piercing, it has a longer healing period. Cartilage piercings heal less quickly than a piercing in your earlobe. This is because an earlobe has better blood flow and a piercing in the cartilage has less good blood flow. To ensure that the healing period goes as smoothly as possible, it is important to clean your piercing every day. But what are the best ways? The first option is to opt for a saline spray, which you use to spray clean the piercing at the front and back. Do you notice that your tragus piercing is not healing properly because of this? Then there is another option and that is to carefully clean around the piercing with a cotton swab and mild soap (such as Uni Cura sensitive ).

gold piercing tragus

Which piercing suits me?

There are two types within the tragus piercing world: a tragus bar and a tragus ring. A ring stands out more than a button and looks a bit tougher where a button can be very elegant and subtle. But whether you like edgy or minimal at Eline Rosina you have enough choice to find something that completely suits your personal style.

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