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Article: Combine oval earrings

oval hoops

Combine oval earrings

You don't always see it at a glance, but there are many different earrings with oval designs in our jewelry collection. We have oval earrings , but also earrings with one or more oval zirconia stones. This chic and timeless shape is easy to combine and suits every occasion. Curious where the oval shape can be found in our collection? Then read on and see which oval earrings suit you!

Our collection of oval earrings

Within our collections there are a number of earrings that have an oval design. Are you looking for oval earrings? Then look at our Victorian zirconia hoops . These are open hoops with oval zirconia stones. If you like to get a whole set right away, you can also look at the Sparkle drop set . This also contains the Victorian zirconia hoop and so you immediately have an earparty with oval earrings! Are minimalist earrings more your thing? Then we also have super nice studs that you can combine with other earrings. The Oval zirconia earrings are small earrings with an oval zirconia stone. Perfect to complete your earparty.

New collection oval earrings

Our latest collection Frame also includes earrings with an oval design. For example, we have new oval open hoops, such as the Frame hoops . These are real statement earrings with a chic and timeless design. These hoops also have a smaller version, namely the Frame huggie hoops. If you like glamour, our Frame collection also has oval hoops with zirconia stones. The Marquise hoops have an oval zirconia stone in the middle. These open hoops can be nicely combined with the Single marquise dome huggie hoop .

Fun fact: Marquise is the description of the oval shape in these earrings. You have already seen this in the previous collection with the Phoenix emerald hoops and the Phoenix champagne hoops. 

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Are oval earrings or earrings with oval zirconia stones not quite your thing? Perhaps these items suit your style better! The design of the Single zirconia drop huggie and the Drop chain earrings contains a zirconia stone in the shape of a drop. This shape is therefore just in between a round and oval design.

Combine oval hoops

Of course you don't have to wear oval earrings alone with other oval earrings or oval zirconia stones. Oval earrings can be combined with other earrings precisely because of their neutral shape. You can combine our statement earrings with the Frame hoops and complete the look with huggies . And oval zirconia stones can certainly be worn together with round zirconia stones, this makes a real party for your ear! 

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