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Article: Which dangles suit me?

Welke dangles passen bij mij?
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Which dangles suit me?

Earcandy nowadays comes in thousands of shapes, sizes and colors. From ear studs to nice gold hoops to eye-catchers such as the pull -through earrings. But what really gets us excited about are the earrings with pendants. We have had our Atelier Collection on the shelves for you for a while now. This collection is our bestseller and we can understand why! 4 different types of rings and 16 different types of pendants. You can hang these pendants on the hoops so that you can put together your own unique earparty! All available in gold and silver. Curious? We have a blog in which we tell and show you everything about this collection! More is more when we talk about the earrings with pendants. But just like every earparty is different, our shapes are also all different. How do you know what suits you best? Let us help you out a bit.

Which dangles suit your face?

Do you have a rounder face ? Then choose to wear earrings with pendants that have a drop shape. A nice example of this is the #16 mix and match single dangle combined with a nice hoop. This makes your face a bit longer!

Do you have an oval face ? Then you can count yourself lucky, because most types of earrings fit this shape of the face. Do you want to apply some contour to the face? Then choose a longer pendant such as the #12 Mix & Match single dangle or the statement freshwater pearl earrings . Everything can be combined with each other, nothing is too crazy! Round earrings are the perfect earrings if you have a square face . These stunners take the corners out of the face! Lucky for you we have the Zirconia cross chain earrings. Long earrings that run around at the bottom are eye-catchers for everyone with a heart-shaped face ! Earrings also look perfect on you. Style your look with a high ponytail and off you go.

More more more shapes and pendants

That leaves us with two: a diamond-shaped face and a rectangular face. If you have a diamond-shaped face , the long earrings will work best for you. The Drop chain earrings are back in stock and waiting for you!

And then, last but not least, the ladies with a long rectangular face . We recommend wearing longer earrings with pendants that wrap around at the bottom. Don't be put off by this advice! Choose what you like yourself, because confidence makes you worth a million bucks.

Charms earrings earparty

Of course there are always earrings that suit a round or rectangular face better. But the nice thing about this collection is that you are in charge of your own creation. Meanwhile, our collection of charms for earrings has also expanded and the choice has only increased! Wear a charm earring in different types of colors, sizes and shapes and combine it with other charms for earrings! This is of course also possible with single pieces . Whether you have one, two, three or even more holes, you are the designer of your own earparty! These pearls will never go out of style. This way you can make endless new combinations and keep alternating. What else do you want? :)

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