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Article: How do you wear dangles?

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How do you wear dangles?

Yes, it's official! Earrings pendants are hot and the perfect way to make your ear party even more personal. Gold earring pendants, silver earring pendants, with or without stone; the choice is yours. Read everything you want to know about earrings with a pendant here and discover the pendant earrings that really suit you!

Hang in there!

Earring pendants are ideal for taking your ear candy to the next level. Earring pendants are also called earring charms or dangles. Pendant earrings are not to be confused with pendant earrings. Earrings mainly refer to single pieces that adorn your ear as a pendant. The pendants we are talking about here are the loose charms for earrings and are perfect to give your earrings a personal touch.

Dangles: to pull through a ring

Earrings charms are real timeless pieces that tell your story. Whether you go for earrings pendants in silver or earring pendants in gold; a dangle should suit you. Of course it is also nice if the pendants match the jewelry you already have.

A charm on your earring is the beginning or the perfect finishing touch to your ear party. The nice thing is that you can vary endlessly and never be short of an answer when someone asks you for a gift tip.

Make it personal with dangles

It never gets boring with loose charms for earrings. With dangles you can happily mix and match. Popular are the earrings pendants drop, earrings pendants with stone, earrings pendants in black and earrings pendants rods. You will find this and more in our collection of dangles . Let yourself be enchanted and go for a style that really suits you.

A good earring pendant makes enough of an impression on its own, especially if you go for a striking dangle. Of course you can combine several pendant earrings. Then choose earrings with small pendants for a subtle effect. Or not of course, just a suggestion.

In any case, you can go completely wild on different colors and shapes. As a new trend, we even see that silver earring pendants are combined with gold earring pendants. Our motto? If it feels good, it's good! Take a look at our earspiration page and catch our drift!

Speak or be silent, silver or gold?

Speech is silver, silence is golden. At least that's what they say. Fortunately, with the earrings charms from Eline Rosina you can go in all directions. Whether you choose earring pendants in silver or earring pendants in gold; we hear you!

If you have gold earrings, gold charms fit perfectly. Prefer silver? Even then you can go wild with charms! We make our silver earrings pendants from the best 925 sterling silver. The gold earring pendants from our collection are gold plated. These dangles have a base of silver but are provided with a layer of 14-karat gold and a tarnish-free coating.

In our collection you will also find all kinds of earrings pendants with stone. For this we use zirconia stones. A girl's best friend but affordable. Shine on you will!

Earrings pendants

Charms for earrings are as hot as you are! If you want to buy earrings pendants, you are in the right place in the webshop of Eline Rosina. Tell your story in a way that suits you. We stand for affordable luxury and give you your perfect (ear) party. Discover our earrings pendants and combine them in a way that feels good. Cheers to you!

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