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Article: Minimalist earrings

Minimalistische oorbellen

Minimalist earrings

Minimalist earrings provide an elegant upgrade to your ear party. Minimalist earrings prove that simplicity really is the greatest strength. What kind of minimal earrings are there and how can you combine them? Read on quickly, we'd love to tell you all about it!

What are minimalist earrings?

By minimal earrings we mean simple earrings that are nice and subtle due to the minimalist design. For example, think of small earrings without too much decoration. Very popular as minimal ear candy are minimalist earrings or minimalist stud earrings. This often concerns small earrings and small ear studs or studs.

Unchangedly popular in the world of simple earrings are the mini bar studs , which are small bars in gold or silver. Who doesn't know (and like) them?

Minimalist earrings are timeless

Are you looking for timeless items? Then minimalist earrings are perfect for you! Minimal earrings come in different shapes and sizes. Of course studs belong to minimalist earrings, but small hoops and chains also complete a minimalist look. With a minimalist look, people often think of wearing one or two small earrings, but that doesn't have to be the case! Go for an earparty with neutral earrings, so no statement pieces, and your good to go! Of course you can also choose to add minimalist earrings gold or minimalist earrings silver to your statement earparty for an extra striking look.

Earrings minimalist for maximum effect

Beautiful things don't have to scream for attention, and shine in all their simplicity. That certainly applies to minimal earrings. Minimalist earrings show character. Moreover, they can always and look good on every face shape. Small and simple earrings are real classics and always on trend!

They also complement every look and always provide that little bit extra. Whether you go for a sporty, elegant or exuberant outfit; earrings that are minimalistic complete the picture.

Which minimalist earrings to buy?

Even though earrings are so small, they do stand out. It's nice if your small earrings also match the rest of your ear party. Do you wear a lot of silver? Then we advise you to opt for minimalist earrings in silver . Does the rest of your earring collection consist of gold? Then go for minimalist earrings in gold.

Silver minimalist earrings or gold minimalist earrings?

Having trouble choosing between silver or gold minimalist earrings? To find out which color jewelery suits you best, we give you a number of tips:

Blue blood?

Might sound a little crazy, but take a closer look at your veins. Do you have mostly blue veins? Then minimalist silver earrings probably suit you better. Are your veins rather green in color? Rather go for gold.

It's in your eyes

If you have blue or green eyes, silver earrings will probably look better. Gold often works better with brown eyes. Also with dark hair. Conversely, for light hair, silver is usually a better option. 

Warm or cold?

With a cool undertone of your skin, silver often looks better. With a warm undertone, gold minimalist earrings come into their own. Are you easily burned after a day at the beach? Then you probably have a cool undertone. Do you have a nice sunny glow? Then your skin has a warm undertone.

Of course you can also combine minimal earrings of gold and silver with each other. There's only one rule: if it feels right to you, then it's right! Would you like to know more about the difference between 'gold types' and 'silver types'? Cosmopolitan recently wrote a nice piece about choosing silver or gold jewelry .

Our minimal earrings

In the webshop of Eline Rosina you can find minimalist earrings made of silver 925 or minimalist earrings that are gold plated. View our minimal collection and find the nicest minimalist earrings and minimalist stud earrings.

By the way, you can combine minimalist earrings with larger earrings, pendants, cuffs and so on. For more inspo, check out our earspiration page. Ready to shine maximum? Let your earrings be nice and minimalistic and live life to the max!

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