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Article: Measure ring size

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Measure ring size

Gold rings are real investment pieces that will last you all your life and are a real must-have for your jewelry collection. But before you start looking for a new favorite ring , it is important to know which ring size you need. We also think it is important that you find the perfect match, which is why we have listed those handy methods and extra tips for you!

Note: This blog describes how to measure your ring size with our ring size document. You will have to download it first before you can measure your ring size. Click here for the document.

What ring size do I have?

You are all set to buy a new ring but then comes the hardest part “what ring size do I actually have?”. To find out which ring size you have, we have a number of handy methods that allow you to measure your ring size yourself. For this it does not matter whether you already have a well-fitting ring or no fitting ring. With our step-by-step plan you can quickly measure your ring size! This way you don't have to go all the way to a store to have your size measured. So get ready to measure!

How to measure ring size?

We have three methods with which you can quickly and easily find the right ring size. On the product pages of our rings you will always find a document containing the methods and all the steps you need to go through to find the right ring size. But now that you're here, we'd like to explain it to you in a bit more detail!

It is important that the document is printed at 100%. After printing, you can check whether you have printed the document correctly by placing your bank card on the line. Does it fit exactly? Then you're good to go!

Method 1: Measure an existing ring

Do you already have a ring at home that fits you perfectly? Then you can use this method well! You can put your ring on the black circles. It is important that only the black circle remains visible. The black should therefore really only be visible in the inside of the ring. With black on the outside or if the ring is on the black circle, it is therefore not the correct ring size. Try them all, so you can be sure to find the perfect match!

Method 2: Measure without ring

No suitable ring at home? Don't worry! In our ring size document you will find a label that you can cut out. When you have done this and cut the line, you can wrap it around your finger and read the number.

Please note: try to wrap the label around your finger as comfortably as possible. Don't be afraid to tighten the label, because if the label is too loose on your finger, you will not end up with the correct ring size.

Method 3: Measure ring size with tape measure or ruler?

Then we have a third option! Grab a tape measure or ruler and measure the diameter of a ring that fits perfectly (download our ring size document to see an example). Then compare the number of mm that comes from this with the number of mm from our size chart and see where it comes closest.

Still unsure about your size?

Then we have a third option! Grab a ruler and measure the diameter of an existing ring (download our ring size document to see an example). Then compare the number of mm that comes from this with the number of mm from our size chart and see where it comes closest.

Measure ring size on phone

To make it even easier you can also download the app called “ Ring Sizer ” on your phone. This works almost the same as method 1, only you have the circles on your phone, so you put a ring that already fits well on your phone instead of on a leaf. It's just what you like better of course!

Measuring ring size: What should you pay attention to?

In addition to measuring with one of the above methods, we have a number of tips for making the right size choice.

If you are interested in a thin ring like the Diamond stacker ring , you sometimes have to go half a size smaller. The moment a thin ring is just a little too big, it starts to rotate. And of course you don't want that because diamonds are there to be seen ;)! The same goes for a thicker ring, such as the Bold dome ring and the Diamond signet ring . The thicker the ring, the tighter. It could be that half a size larger than your normal size fits better!

In addition, it is important to measure your ring size when your hands are not too hot or too cold. Your fingers expand a bit when you are very hot, and at a cold temperature they can be a bit narrower than normal.

Curious about your ring size? Download the file here ! If you can't figure it out, you can always visit our showroom! We are happy to help you measure your ring size. And then you can immediately take a look at our beautiful gems.

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