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Article: How do you create a signature Atelier Collection look?

Atelier Collection Gouden Oorbellen

How do you create a signature Atelier Collection look?

Our well-known Mix & Match collection has recently been given a new look: say hi to our Atelier Collection . This collection consists of separate hoops and dangles with which you can put together your own look. Exactly as you already knew this concept with our Mix & Match collection. All items from Atelier Collection are designed by our own designers: Hanna and Josien. Are you curious how you can best approach creating an Atelier look? Well, here you go!

The base

It's easy! You choose your favorite hoop and dangle from the Atelier Collection. Please note: only the hoops from the Atelier Collection are suitable for combining with the Atelier Dangles . These hoops have a ball at the back so that the Dangle can never fall off. You then choose whether you want to wear this in your other ear as well and continue to your next earhole. Easy, right? With our Atelier Collection you can go in all directions: plain, colorful or sparkling. We've got it all!

Colorful ear party

If you opt for a colorful earparty, you can start with a colorful hope. In the Atelier Collection we have hoops in the colors: green, blue, pink, purple, orange, ruby ​​and black. But of course you can also start with a plain hoop such as the classic, snake or zirconia hoop.

Workshop Collection

Sparkly ear party

Put on some sparkly earrings! You really can't go wrong with a sparkly earparty. The Atelier Collection has many sparkly dangles that you can combine with your favorite hoops. Do you want to go all out with your look? Then go for the Celestial Dangle and/or Cosmic Dangle. These are our most sparkly and striking dangles and they are also great to combine with each other.

Do you need help putting together your earparty? Then use the Virtual Atelier , with which you can compile and visually see your Atelier Look and add it to your basket.

Shop the Atelier Collection here and create your look!

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