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Article: Glitter earrings

Glitter oorbellen | Pave oorbellen

Glitter earrings

Fair is fair, a good pair of glitter earrings is never gone. Shiny earrings come in all shapes and sizes and make you shine resolutely. But which earrings with glitter suit you and how do you best combine the glitter earring? Are you, like us, not averse to a little glitter? Read on quickly and discover the world of all that glitter!

Stoneware earrings

We can't get enough of it: earrings with stones in all shapes and sizes. We would like them all. Whether earrings with colored stones, earrings with glitter buttons or earrings with glitter: we want!

Glitter earrings are indispensable for every serious earring lover. These glamor earrings are fortunately available in many different styles, so you will always find a glimmer that really suits you.

Pavé earrings: pave the way

A classic favorite that should be mentioned when it comes to glitter earrings is the earring with pavé setting. These are also called pavé earrings . With pavé earrings, smaller stones are set close together with small prongs that look like mini pearls

Also very popular are the double pavé earrings, where not a single row of stones is placed, but a double row.

Cherish your sparkle

Don't be blinded by all that beauty and choose a glitter earring that really suits you. Of course it's nice to be on trend or to find that one pair of earrings that perfectly matches your (party) outfit . But ask yourself whether the earrings really suit you. Will you still like them in a month, for example? Otherwise it may be a sin. Nothing is more unfortunate than shiny earrings that are only worn once.

Are you more of an introvert and prefer to keep your style as basic as possible? Perhaps not the best idea to opt for large glitter earrings. Stay true to yourself and rather opt for a basic earring with glitter. Then there is a greater chance that you will still enjoy it as much as you do now.

Glitter for breakfast?

Are you more of a magpie type and can't it be (shiny) enough for you? We can relate, get ready to shine! There's a world of glamor earrings at your feet so what are you waiting for? Long glitter earrings, black or blue glitter earrings, red glitter earrings or all at once? With a little guts you can also combine earrings with colored stones.

Shine all day

Earrings with glitter and pavé earrings suit every style. Because you can wear them exactly as it suits you and because the range is extremely diverse. Do you also want a little more glitter and glamor in your ears and in your life? Then take a look at our collection of single pieces for the coolest glitter hoops, our bling-bling dangles or make a statement with our statement pieces . Whatever you choose, one thing is certain. We shall glitter!


Hopefully you've been able to get a lot of inspo when it comes to your glitter earrings. Often the first feeling is immediately the right one. Do you instantly love something? Just go for it! Not so you? Nice to look further. It's your party and you can hang the garlands yourself. Or the glitter earrings. Be your unique you and get your own ear party started!

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