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Article: Combining gold and silver jewelry

Gouden en zilveren sieraden combineren

Combining gold and silver jewelry

Many people think that if you are team gold or team silver, you can't wear the other color. But we think it is possible! By combining these two colors you ensure that your earparty, necklace game or ring stack stands out even more. Wondering how best to combine gold jewelry and silver jewelry ? Then read on quickly!

How to wear: mixed metals

There is no right or wrong in styling your jewelry. Everyone has their own taste and creates their own style. If you want to mix gold jewelry and silver jewelry, it can be useful to continue in the style you have.

In addition, your look will probably come across better if you spread the colors over all the different items you wear. It's all about balance! The moment you only wear gold necklaces and rings, wearing silver earrings may not match well with the rest. Our tip is therefore to wear gold and silver rings, necklaces and earrings for the perfect balance in your look.

Mix the styles with Frame

We are fans of wearing mixed metals! And our items from the new collection are perfect for experimenting with this. To keep your look neutral despite wearing two Colors, you can, for example, combine the silver earrings and gold earrings of the Single marquise huggie hoops. They are small, but with a bold design you certainly make a statement. To complete this earparty, you can add Dome ear cuff in gold and silver.

Of course you don't always have to combine gold earrings and silver earrings with the same design. The Frame collection contains many different huggies where you can put together your mixed metals look in your own way. Do you have any holes left? Then add small gold earrings or small silver earrings to your look, such as our studs !

Gold and silver earrings in our collection

Not only our latest collection has items with which you can combine gold earrings and silver earrings. For example, you can also combine gold chains and silver chains to balance your look. Our Flat snake chain necklace is perfect for this!

Tip: try to combine the Flat snake chain necklace with the Thick flat snake chain necklace. By combining the two different thicknesses you create an eye-catching look!

In addition, you can of course combine your basics. Take your Classic maxi hoops in silver and wear your Classic plain hoops in gold for a basic look with a twist.

Start with small gold and silver earrings

Don't be afraid to experiment! Do you want to start small? Combine our huggies in gold and silver for your everyday look. The more often you combine gold jewelry and silver jewelry, the easier you will wear a mixed metal look.

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