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Article: 4 tips for choosing the right ear cuff

4 tips voor het kiezen van de juiste ear cuff

4 tips for choosing the right ear cuff

Ear cuffs, we love them! Easy to wear and style with any earparty. Wondering how to find the right ear cuff for your ear party? We are happy to help and have listed some tips.

Determine where you want to wear the ear cuff

To choose the right ear cuff , it is important that you think about where you want to wear it. There are several places on your ear where you can place an ear cuff. The cuffs therefore have different sizes, which is why you have to think about this in advance.

At Eline Rosina you will find normal ear cuffs, but also helix ear cuffs. The name says it all, these are specially made to wear on the site of the helix piercing.

Choose the style of your ear cuff

You have different styles in jewelry, so the ear cuff also comes in different shapes and sizes. A big striking ear cuff would be a perfect match with your statement earrings . A striking ear cuff does not always have to be sparkly, our Dome ear cuff is the example of this.

Back to basics! By making an ear party with earrings in the same style, you create a calm look that fits perfectly. It is best to wear a smooth or minimalist ear cuff for this. Doesn't a look full of glam suit you better? Then the ear cuffs with zirconia stones are a real must-have!

How many ear cuffs do you want to wear?

An ear cuff is the real finishing touch to any look. The nice thing about these fake piercings is that you can wear as many as you want! Your look does not have to be complete after adding one ear cuff. The right number of ear cuffs does not exist, but you can see what suits you best. This way you can choose one statement ear cuff when wearing many different earrings. And you can complete an earparty of just one or two earrings with several ear cuffs on top of each other. There are many possibilities, so experiment and find your perfect combination!

Look at your jewelry collection

Not sure what kind of ear cuff to choose? Then take a look at your current jewelry collection . Do you have a lot of sparkly statement pieces? Then it can be nice to supplement this with a plain ear cuff. Maybe your jewelry collection is full of colors and you can't get enough of this. Then the ear cuffs with colored zirconia stones are perfect for you!

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