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Article: The perfect gifts for Mother's Day according to the ER team

The perfect gifts for Mother's Day according to the ER team

The perfect gifts for Mother's Day according to the ER team

In the run-up to Mother's Day, we asked our team what they would give their mother as a gift. We have listed what they are going to give their mother as a gift and why they have chosen this item.

Content manager Veerle gives her mother Croissant hoops for Mother's Day.

I think the classic design fits my mother's style very well and because she only has 1 piercing, these hoops will stand out!” - Veerle

Communication & Marketing intern Indy gives her mother the Single drop huggie hoops for Mother's Day.

My mother is 100% team silver. She mainly wears timeless minimal items and has recently become a big fan of huggies. These single drop huggie hoops are a perfect match with her style and I think she will be very happy with it!” - Indy

Creative intern Tessa gives her mom the single chain on hoops for Mother's Day.

A special earring for a special woman. My mother likes more outspoken items with beautiful stones. With two piercings on each ear, she can combine this earring nicely.” -Tessa

E-commerce manager Eline gives her mother the Flat snake chain necklace for Mother's Day.

Just like her daughter :). My mother is a huge fan of timeless and silver jewelry. So this plain chain would be a perfect addition to her stash!” - Elin

Wholesale manager Esra gives her mother the Single bubble huggie hoops for Mother's Day.

She's a huge fan of earparties and these are very timeless and go well with all of her other favorite earrings! She's a huge earring lover! With no less than 4 piercings!” - Esra

Founder and owner Hanna gives her mother the Icon hoops for Mother's Day.

The icon hoops are timeless and suit every occasion. They have an easy clicker closing which makes these earrings a perfect pair for my mother.” - Hannah

Tag us @elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and share your Mother's Day gift with us! We are very curious about how you spoiled your mother.

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