Our creative journey

With creation at the heart of every stage, from sketching new earrings, necklaces or rings to making a collection come to life through a campaign, the process is kept in house from A-Z.


We pour our hearts in every piece we create. Sparked through a feeling or inspired by a powerful image, the design process starts with putting together a visual moodboard of colours, shapes and a vibe. From there, the first sketches start to flow from our pens and lead us to, more often than not, countless designs.


The sampling and production process takes place in our factories throughout Thailand that we visit frequently. The moment the samples arrive in our office and we get to see them for the first time is like opening presents on Christmas Morning (it might even be better). We then carefully review all samples on premium quality and luxury feel. Only the finest designs make the cut.


Once the collection is final, we get to put all the pieces together in a campaign shoot. Whether we’re shooting in exotic locations around the world or in our office-turned-studio, seeing a brand new collection come to life through camera is absolute magic.