The Perfect Basics

The PerfectBasics

Everyone knows that life is a lot easier when you own some perfect basics. Vintage Levi's jeans that fit like a glove, the perfect white oversized T-shirt, a timeless leather jacket. No wardrobe is complete without these must-have items. If you're standing in front of your (overflowing) closet and have nothing to wear (remember Carrie Bradshaw?), there are always the perfect basics to fall back on. Of course the same applies to earrings. Although the new trends in jewelry land are hitting you non-stop (literally), there are a number of basic items that everyone should have.

They're back: the zirconia earrings . Although, earrings with stones have never completely disappeared. Due to the minimal and boho trends of recent years, they may have faded into the background, but zirconia earrings are timeless, classy and always the right choice! Our all time favorite earrings with zirconia are the Chunky zirconia hoops and the Triangle zirconia earrings .

Are earrings with stones not quite your thing? Then these minimalist earrings are perfect! Our Midi hoops are available in 12 mm, 14 mm and 16 mm. With these minimalist earrings you're always in the right place, and the easy stud closure makes them the perfect choice for every day! Other minimalist earrings are bestselling Tiny hoops in 8mm and 10mm.