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Article: Complete your earparty with statement earrings

Statement oorbellen

Complete your earparty with statement earrings

Tired of the casual looks or the understated details? Go for it and show what you've got! Statement earrings are still allowed and they are more striking than ever! You can of course only complete a statement look with statement earrings. What kinds of statement earrings are there and how (or when) do you wear them? Lean back and read all about it.

What are statement earrings?

It will undoubtedly have passed by at some point as this trend has been proudly continued for a few years now. Because the statement earrings are indispensable. As the name suggests, these are striking earrings that want and may be seen. Think of it as a showpiece. Be proud. Big hoops, striking ear parties and you name it. See and be seen.

Statement earrings draw attention to themselves, as it were, but of course also to 'it's proud owner'! Turn the most basic outfit into something special with the help of large earrings. For example, combine a simple black sweater or a white oversized blouse with a few eye-catching hoops in gold plated sterling silver, and steal the show.

Make a statement

The nice thing about (large) statement earrings is that they are so expressive. Just enough drama and certainly enough personality! You can go for statement earrings in gold or statement earrings in silver. It is also nice to show color with red statement earrings, statement earrings in black or blue statement earrings.

You can also do this subtly by choosing earrings with colored stones. Let the shining do the talking and go for green statement earrings or white statement earrings with zirconia or pearls. The most important thing is that you have a statement that you stand behind. Statement earrings should suit you. Express yourself and your sense of style!

How do I style statement earrings?

You might not say it right away, but statement earrings are easier to combine than you think. It's super cool to draw attention to your earparty with a basic look. Do you want to be sure that you are in the spotlight with your look? Then go for an all-black outfit with golden eye-catchers. But don't be afraid to finish an outfit that contains a lot of color or prints with beautifully detailed statement earrings. It's your ear party and you state what you want to!

Statement earrings are generally large and eye-catching, but we also have them in smaller sizes. These are the must-haves to add some warmth to your look when you go to school or work. Smaller earrings also make a good statement and are suitable for any occasion! Of course, the choice is up to you whether you go for subtle or unpack big. It's your story and your point of view. 


Be creative and style the large eye-catching statement hoops with small minimalist studs . This way you create the finishing touch for every look. Draw attention to the big ones, but add that extra sparkle with subtle earrings or studs.

Statement earrings black

If we haven't inundated you enough with information about statement earrings and how you can best style them, we have some nice news here! Our favorite statement hoops are now available in multiple Colors. You already found the Icon hoops as statement earrings gold and statement earrings silver (with and without sparkly zirconia stones), but they are now also available in black and green! Even more reasons to add statement earrings to your Atelier earparty. With these new colors there are even more possibilities for new combinations!

Do it your way

Whether you go for large statement earrings, gold statement earrings or silver statement earrings; we've got your back! Do you want to share your statement with us? We'd love to hear from you! Tag @ elinerosinajewelry on Instagram and you might see your earrings statement on our stories!

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