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Article: New: Ear party sets

Nieuw: Earparty sets

New: Ear party sets

Do you find it difficult to put together an ear party? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? We got your back with these sets!

What are ear party sets?

It's no secret, we love a good earparty! With these sets you can complete your earparty in one fell swoop. The sets consist of our all-time favorite pieces, put together by our designers. In the sets you will find items from our signature Atelier Collection, chain earrings, studs and other hoops. All earparty sets consist of single pieces and are composed in such a way that they are suitable for every occasion!

6 different ear parties

Meet our new sets! To make your choice a little easier, we have listed our sets:

Honey doll
This set is there to give your look a playful touch.

Sparkle drops
Level up your eargame with these three single sparkly pieces.

Better together
The set with all must-haves for your jewelry collection!

Cotton Candy
For all color lovers, this set is for you.

Forever yours
Keeping it simple but shiny with these single pieces.

Easy loving

Cute but sophisticated!

All sets are available in gold and silver! Which one is your favourite?

The perfect gift for..

As a woman it is of course always nice to receive jewelery as a gift. But because everyone has their own style, it can sometimes be quite difficult to choose a set of earrings. Does anyone prefer glitter or a full plain look? And does someone go for colorful or not? With these earparty sets you are always in the right place! These 6 sets are available in gold and silver and all have their own items that make them special.

Of course you can always treat yourself with new jewelry! So if you are still looking for a new earparty yourself, these sets are perfect for you! Even if you don't know how to combine earrings yet and you can use some help with that, these sets are your lifesaver. Think of it as a starter kit from the beginning of your earparty collection!

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