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Article: How-to: Ring stacking

How to: Ring stacking

How-to: Ring stacking

The more the better! That's the trend when wearing rings right now, and we love it. We are therefore happy to explain what ring stacking is and how you can make the perfect combinations of your rings.

What is Ring Stacking?

Ring stacking is super trendy! Ring stacking is done by combining several rings with each other. There are several ways to assemble a ring stack. This way you can stack several rings on the same finger, but you can also wear several rings on different fingers of the same hand. With ring stacking, the rule also applies: more is more! Because there are endless options to combine rings and you can also vary the styles, it is of course not surprising that it is so popular at the moment!

Combining rings, how do you do that?

Step 1: Choose a style

Do you like subtle or do you prefer to go all out? See what suits your personal taste. You can make a ring stack with thick rings such as our Bold dome ring, but of course also with small rings such as the Diamond stacker ring. In addition, rings come in different shapes and sizes and you always have the choice to go for a plain or sparkly ring stack!

Step 2: Determine how many rings you want to wear

When you have determined which style you are going for, you can determine how many rings you want to wear. It can also be useful to look at what outfit you are wearing. Do you opt for a striking outfit? Then wearing thin neutral rings can provide a nice contrast. Of course you don't wear the same outfit every day and that makes making a ring stack even more fun!

Step 3: Shape the base

Although you can always decide for yourself which rings you prefer to wear, it is useful to have a basis. A basis consists of minimalist rings with or without diamonds. It is important that these rings go with everything so that you can easily combine them. Because of these minimalist rings you always have a basis to fall back on for your ring stack.

Step 4: Let's Get Stacking

You now know which style you are going for, how many rings you want to use and you know where to start when making a ring stack. Now it's time to supplement it with your favorites! For example, you can supplement your basic ring stack with our Diamond star signet ring or Rock solid ring . There is no right or wrong with ring stacking and that makes it fun to get out of your comfort zone by trying out new combinations.

Tip: When ring stacking, make sure that rings do not rub against each other too much. It is of course a great pity if you get scratches on your ring collection.

Ring stacking for beginners

Is ring stacking new to you? And do you want to expand your ring collection from now on? Then it can be useful to know which ring sizes suit you! We have written a blog with all the steps you can go through to find your perfect ring size! Found it? Look at our Rock solid collection. There you will find all the rings you need for a ring stack that suits you!


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