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Article: The perfect basic earrings that everyone should have!

De perfecte basic oorbellen die iedereen moet hebben!

The perfect basic earrings that everyone should have!

We all know that life is a lot easier when you have some perfect basics. Vintage Levi's jeans that fit like a glove, the perfect white oversized T-shirt, a timeless leather jacket and a pair of classic boots.

No wardrobe is complete without these must-have items. When you're standing in front of your (overflowing) closet in the morning and have nothing to wear (remember Carrie Bradshaw?), you can always fall back on the perfect basics. The same principle applies, of course, to your jewelry collection.

Although the new trends in jewelry land fly around every season (literally), there are also a few ultimate basics for jewelry that everyone should have at home. This makes your getting ready crisis a thing of the past. Minimalist earrings have been popular for years for a reason!

Timeless hoops (ring earrings) in all sizes:

  • Plain huggie hope
  • Classic huggie hope
  • Classic plain hoops
  • Classic maxi hoops
minimalist earrings :
  • Tiny hoops in 8mm and 10mm
  • Mini bar earrings stud earrings
Threader earrings (also called chain earrings or pull-through earrings):
  • Single double bar threader
  • Single zirconia threader
Cubic Zirconia Earrings:
  • Single zirconia huggie hoop
  • Triangle zirconia earrings stud earrings
  • Classic zirconia hoops

Statement earrings :

  • Icon hoops
  • Tube hoops
  • Chunky chain earrings
Combine your earparty with a minimalist necklace :
  • Flat snake chain necklace
  • Tiny dots necklace
  • Short chunky chain necklace
  • Twisted rope necklace

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