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Article: Everything you need to know about piercings

14k solid gold piercings

Everything you need to know about piercings

We have always been a fan of multiple piercings in the earlobes to make a cool earparty. This is possible with earrings , but with piercings you have even more options! That is why we are very happy to now have 14k solid gold piercings in our collection. We are happy to tell you everything about piercing jewelry. From the most popular piercings to cleaning piercings, you'll find it in this blog!

Are you planning to have an ear piercing, but are you not yet sure where you want the piercing? We've highlighted the most popular piercings for you below!

Piercings tragus

One of the most popular piercing for ear is the piercing tragus. This piercing is placed in a part of the ear that consists of cartilage. The advantage of this piercing is that it does not get in the way when sleeping and it heals faster than any other ear piercing that is put in cartilage. It is even possible to have two piercings tragus. It is wise to check with the piercer to make sure that it is also possible for you. The nice thing about the piercings tragus is that it is in a completely different place than your earrings that you have at the jeweler. Definitely a nice addition to any earparty!


piercing conch

Another piercing that is very popular is the conch piercing. The piercing conch is in the middle of your auricle. This piercing for ear is usually in the deep, cup-shaped part of the inner ear. The piercing conch goes through the thickest piece of cartilage in your ear.

Would you rather not have a piercing, but do it from the spot? Then take a look at our earcuffs! You can wear these items exactly where the piercing conch is. This way you can still upgrade your earparty with a fake piercing for ear!

Another favorite: Helix piercing

The helix piercing is very popular with fans of full ear parties. Putting this piercing for ear applies the same as for the 'normal' holes in your ear. You don't have to stop at one helix piercing for ear! With this variant of piercing jewelry it is also possible to have a second or third one.


Aftercare of piercing jewelry

Your ear may be a bit sensitive shortly after getting an ear piercing. The healing time for a piercing ear varies per piercing, but the mild irritation lasts a maximum of 3 days. It is important for healing to touch as little as possible. The back should also not be too close to your ear. Try to sleep on your back for the first few days and don't go swimming yet to avoid irritation. Swimming is allowed again after 6 to 9 months.

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