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Article: 5 jewelry must-haves that every woman should have

5 sieraden musthaves die iedere vrouw moet hebben

5 jewelry must-haves that every woman should have

Even though we always come up with new items and you can expand your jewelry collection more and more, there are a number of jewelry that should not be missed! Go back to basics with real jewelry must-haves for every woman. We will help you on your way with our top 5!

The perfect gold earrings

We are big fans of an earparty full of sparkle and glamour. But it is never wrong to have good basic earrings in your jewelry collection. So no pavé and zirconia for a while, but back to basic with plain hoops! These basic earrings are suitable for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit.
Do you like minimalist earrings? Then the Tiny hoops and plain huggie hoops are the perfect basic earrings for you! Do you want your basic earrings to stand out more? Then add the Frame hoops or Icon hoops to your collection!

Gold ring, a lifetime of pleasure

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that you can enjoy for a lifetime? Then add a 14k solid gold ring to your collection. A gold ladies ring is timeless and can be combined with anything and can therefore be worn over and over. A gold ring basically goes with every outfit. So you never have to worry about your outfit. A classic to make yourself really happy with.

stud earrings

Small stud earrings are always handy to have. Because they are often not immediately noticeable, they are the perfect addition to an ear party. In addition, studs are real basic pieces. They go with everything and can be worn on any occasion. So whether you go to work or a party, with studs you complete every look!


A jewelry collection is not complete without a necklace . A gold chain or silver chain is the finishing touch to any outfit and will make you shine even more! Necklaces are of course available in different shapes and sizes and they can also be worn in different ways. You have found the perfect basic necklace if it is fine to wear alone and it matches everything. But of course you can also choose to combine your necklaces.

Statement earrings

Statement earrings, we love them! Statement earrings are not only meant to be worn during a party or special occasion. These striking earrings are meant to be noticed ! There is also something for everyone in the statement department. In our collection you will find statement items with a pavé setting, zirconias or a full plain design.

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Lancering BLOOM

Launch BLOOM

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