10 dingen die je moet weten over de ringen van Eline Rosina

10 things you should know about Eline Rosina's rings

Eline Rosina has a beautiful collection of 14 carat gold rings for women. In this blog you can read 10 things you should know about the Solid Gold collection :

  1. All gold rings from the Solid Gold Collection are designed by our own Eline Rosina designers.

  2. The rings from our Solid Gold collection are made of 14 carat gold.

  3. A gold ring is a lifetime investment due to its timeless design

  4. 14k solid gold does not oxidize or discolor, so you can wear the ring anytime, anywhere.

  5. The Solid Gold collection is made to last! You can wear your ring while showering, swimming in the sea or during a wellness day.

  6. Our gold rings with stones have precious stones, diamonds and sapphires of the finest quality.

  7. The stones in the Half Eternity Rings are birthstones. The Amethyst ring has the birthstone of the month of February. The Sapphire ring has the birthstone of September and the Emerald ring has the birthstone of May.

    gold rings

  8. The Solid Gold collection is perfect to create a ring stack. The collection consists of thick, thin, colorful, sparkly, plain rings and gold rings with stone and this allows you to create your own personalized ring stack!

  9. Our all-time favorite ring is the Combo ring. This ring is a combination of 6 white sapphire stones with a black spinel in the middle. This ring is the everyday essential.

  10. Eline Rosina also has 14 carat gold rings with a vintage touch, such as the Forget me not ring or the Over the moon ring. How cool is this to combine with a vintage designer bag from L'Étoile? L'Étiole De Saint Honoré sells second hand designer bags and accessories from luxury brands such as: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Prada. Stylish on a budget? Take a look at the website or in one of the three stores of L' Étoile and complete your look!

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