Mix & Match is now Atelier Collection

Mix & Match is now Atelier Collection

New name, same collection! Our signature Mix & Match collection is getting a new identity, and that includes a new name. Let us re-introduce: Atelier Collection. Designed to spark your creativity.

What is Atelier Collection?

Atelier Collection consists of dangles and hoops designed by our own Eline Rosina designers: Hanna and Josien. After that, the designs are carefully produced by craftsmen in Thailand. The well-known Mix & Match collection had already been known for its unique and own designs to go to the fullest with your own creativity. That won't change: Atelier Collection remains an independent concept within Eline Rosina that everyone can use to create their own look.

How does it work?

It's as easy as ABC. You choose an Atelier hoop and an Atelier dangle, and you connect these together. This way, you can combine infinitely. Good to know: Atelier dangles from the Atelier Collection are only suitable in combination with the Atelier Hoops, and not with the other huggies. In addition, all items from the collection are sold as individual items, so that you can go all out with your ear party. An advantage of our single pieces is that you don't need equal holes in each ear, but can wear loose dangles and hoops. You don't need pairs to make the perfect match!

Get creative with our Atelier collection

Atelier Collection is and remains the perfect way to express your own creativity in your ear party. From colorful dangles to dangles inlaid with zirconia stones, you can continue to combine the collection endlessly. Do you find it difficult to put together the perfect look? We got you! The solution is our Virtual Workshop ; first choose the number of ear holes, then your favorite hoops and then the dangles. This way you can visually see your look and place it directly in the shopping cart.

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