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Article: Minimal earrings

Minimalistic earrings

Minimal earrings

Minimalist earrings are trending! They can be worn with a minimal look with only earstuds or you can add them to your statement earparty! Minimalist jewelry is simply simply jewelry that does not involve too much fuss. Minimalistic jewelry is more refined and subtle than other jewelry. It is often said with minimalist earrings : ''Less is more'', but how about ''More is more''? These jewelry are super easy to combine because they are so subtle! The nice thing about minimalist earrings is that they match any look and that you will never go wrong with this ;) Minimalistic earrings are always a good idea and that is why they are so very popular. You will never override your outfit with these jewelry and yet you can wear many earrings together because they are modest. You can make hundreds of combinations by exchanging in your minimal earrings. In need of some minimal breathing? We're here to help!

How do you combine minimalist earrings?

You can wear minimalist earrings on their own, but you can also use them to upgrade your eargame like these two earspirations! Earrings that can be perfectly worn as minimalist earrings are, for example, the bee earrings and the rhombus earrings. These are in particular small buttons, such as the best selling oval zirconia earrings , which you see a lot in both looks!

Minimalist studs

So different minimalist studs can also be combined with each other in one look. The number 1 minimal earring from Eline Rosina is the ball earring, it often comes back in the look of Coco and gives an extra touch. There are also various hoops that are worn as minimalist earrings such as the tiny hoops . These are easy to add to your look and are also subtle.

Minimalist earrings are timeless

Another advantage of minimalist jewelry is that these jewelry are timeless. You can always wear them and they match with every trend, so you don't have to worry about that. As you can see, you can easily combine pearl earrings with the minimal earring with zirconia stones. This trend is not only occurring with jewelery, it is also happening more and more with clothing. You now also see tees without print and blazers that are solid in color, which is comparable to the minimal jewelry trend. It's timeless! Share your minimal look with us! Make sure to tag @ elinerosinajewelry in your post on Instagram or to use #elinerosinajewelry

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